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Lebanon lost its capital yesterday.

150 people confirmed dead and that number is still rising.

6000 injured thus far.

300000 people lost their homes.

Children flew off their balconies and got lost in the wind.

All of this comes on top of a revolution, economic crisis listed as the worst in recent history, pandemic, political unrest, a constant state of readiness for war, and governmental incompetence. In the heart of the capital 2,750 tons of ammonium nitrate ignited and leveled the heart of Beirut. Why were they sitting on top of a nuclear bomb you ask?

We all asked... The answer is simple, constitutional negligence. They have a government that has failed to deliver for the past 30 years the basics of living conditions. Yesterday their shortcomings crested with the biggest explosion known to man after Hiroshima. They have no electricity, no water, no infrastructure, structural damage that is estimated around 40 billion dollars, hospitals were evacuated, first responders were incinerated, and a river of blood literally painted the streets.

The Lebanese people are the symbol of resistance they rallied each other opened their homes gave shelter, picked up brooms and started cleaning up the streets all the while still pulling people out of the rubble, but they are tired, and they need our help.

My family and I were blessed with an amazing opportunity to come to this country and build the life we have. Some have not been fortunate enough. Time to step in and help!

We are looking for donations of any kind to help the Lebanese community. Food is the main objective here, but money is always easier to get there!! We are looking to ship out as many food containers as possible to aid the community of Beirut and neighboring towns.

Any extra money received will go towards the Lebanese Red Cross and Caritas in Lebanon that focuses on families in need. Lebanon is a beautiful country and their people do not deserve this pain and suffering. We will continue to showcase updates of our shipping container(s) and hope our local community can help.


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