Save our home

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Save our home

From James Anderson

We are trying to raise money to save our home before it becomes too late. Our family is drowning in debt due to medical bills that were charged due to miscarriages/IVF treatments/Covid related lose of income

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I will try and make this as short as possible...I have a step-son that I raised as my own, you can see pictured, with my wife and we had always planned on having a child together. We had gotten pregnant twice, both resulted in miscarriage's. So we decided to try the IVF route, knowing how expensive it is but at the was something we could afford. We go down that path and end up getting a pregnant again....only to lose the baby just before the 4 month mark. This absolutely devastated us, this was also at the start of Covid.

Covid GREATLY affected my income and thus, made making the payment for the IVF extremely difficult. For those who do not know, IVF costs upwards of $60,000 + depending on your treatments and length and rounds, etc. So now I am making about 35% less than I was, we have these medical and credit card bills that are starting to piling up and everything in the world costs more and one day you wake up and you're in 100k of debt and you can't make your mortgage payment.

We have tried to get consolidation loans but are denied due to utilization percentage. I even tried to take money out of MY 401k to pay off the bills but was denied because we did not qualify for a hardship exemption. 

All in all, we have tried everything and unfortunately this is our last option....and I hate that it has come to this but here we are.

We would greatly appreciate any and all donations....thank you so much for you time.

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