"Save the Wallace Home" Fund

"Save the Wallace Home" Fund

From Corinne Wallace-Crane

Raising money to pay back property taxes on the Wallace home to make Jim's transition home easier.

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 Dearest friends and family,          

       After 23 long months, and stays at several different wonderful care facilities, James Wallace is finally home! His mobility  and speech have improved greatly, though he still has lots of work to  do and therapy to complete with his loving family by his side. We're  overjoyed to have life finally get as back to normal as possible for  Jim, Theresa, Anthony and Marcus, and while Theresa was able to do an  impressive job as a single mother and head of household, not everything  was able to be handled.          In late 2014, Theresa started receiving letters from the Sauk  County Treasurer regarding past due property taxes on their home. Jim and Theresa have the good fortune to not be paying a mortgage anymore,  so she was unaware that this was a bill that she'd need to be saving for on her own. As they are, the property taxes are quite low in their area, roughly $3500 a year. The household CAN afford current taxes, however, the past several years' taxes are staggering. The latest total due is $12,139.48, which is including 2012, 2013, 2014 taxes and  interest. Cousins Lisa Smith and Susan Stimson generously donated enough to stave off foreclosure that was due to happen at the end of January 2015 to buy us some time. The treasurers office has drafted us a payment plan, which breaks down the past due taxes into relatively manageable payments, with the heftiest payments (~$744 a month) for the first 6 months. The final 18 payments are a more reasonable ~$450. We're confident that with the help of our extremely supportive and loving family, that this will be a successful endeavor. Once this is paid off (hopefully ahead of the 2 year schedule, to lessen the amount of interest), the "Wisconsin Wallaces" will not have this issue in the future, with the 2015 and future year taxes being very  reasonable and affordable for them. Marcus will be starting school next  year, and Theresa will have more time for earning money. She has already started Wallace Photography Inc., and James will be training to get back in the workforce. We're very optimistic that things will look up for them, with Jim finally rejoining his family. We just need to help them get through this last, unforeseen problem.          

   We're asking for donations which will be used EXCLUSIVELY for paying back property taxes.         

   Thank you for your constant support and concern! With your help, this life transition for James can be as smooth as possible! God Bless <3         

With much appreciation,          

Corinne Wallace-Crane 


  P.S. I've included pics of James on his road to recovery, and the payment plan given to us by the Sauk County Treasury.

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