Saving Lynxe

From Bethany Zimmerman

RIP Lynxe. June 2011 - January 2014. All donations given will go towards his medical bills. Thank you all for your kind hearts.

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On February 2nd, 2012, my husband and I adopted Lynxe and Onyxia from a local cat rescue. We had recently gotten married and decided to add furry friends to our family. We had initially gone in to adopt a tortoiseshell… however we soon found ourselves in love with a small tiger cat. Both of them were about a year old and had been fostered together – it was meant to be!

Lynxe was a spunky little cat with a big heart. He was a talker, a leaper and a cuddle bug. He was the first one to meet us at the door and the last one to leave our laps. Lynxe and Onyxia provided us with company, laughs and love!

On January 10th, 2014, we started to notice that some internal changes had been taking place in Lynxe. His energy level decrease, his appetite decrease and he was losing weight. We began to monitor him closely. We hoped it was a cold that might pass or that he had an upset stomach. It escalated to emergency status when he began to projectile vomit! The amount was obscene and had no hair in it. Hairballs are typical in cats, projectile vomiting is not.

We immediately rushed him to the vet! They performed vitals checks, blood work and some basic diagnostics, but it wasn’t enough. The vet quickly referred us to the Small Animal ER and we rushed over. After 7.5 hours in the ER, they had reduced the possibilities down to a bowel obstruction, pancreatitis or an unseen issue within him. All of these possible issues would result in emergency surgery. After some discussion, they drained the fluid that was stuck in/around his stomach, made him comfortable and discharged us.

Why wasn’t the emergency surgery completed? It’s embarrassing to say and painful for everyone involved, simply put – we can’t afford it by ourselves. We had to open up a new credit card to even afford to take him to the vet and after our care at the ER, that new card is almost at the max. Our current financial situation will not allow us to do much more.

The only remaining options are: investigative surgery, emergency surgery or making the one decision every pet-parent never wants to make. Our vet told us we only have two days max to make a decision before it gets inhumane for Lynxe. If we are able to raise the funds necessary, we will be able to save his life; if not, Lynxe will have to be put down so he does not suffer.

Lynxe and Onyxia are our companions and our joy. We love them and they love us. We would appreciate any help that can be given at this time, though we don’t expect anything. The amount listed on the fundraising page is an estimate for the diagnostics/surgery/care for Lynxe. As the cause is determined and care is solidified the amount may change. We will continue to update the page and provide status updates of his progress.

Thank you for your prayers and your help. You have our eternal gratitude for just visiting the page.


~The Zimmermans, Lynxe and Onyxia

UPDATE 1/17/2014 10:30am -We were told by the vet this morning that we only have about 2 days before it would become inhumane to wait any longer for surgery (that's if his condition doesn't worsen). Any longer than that and he will have to be put down.

UPDATE 1/17/2014 4:20pm - We are looking into addional vet/pricing options. We are being told that they places we have been to may be trying to run up our bill. An ultrasound is an absolute need so we can check for any obstructions and exploratory surgery may/may not be needed depending on what they find. Decreased the amount for the new estimate and current cost of his care. 5:26 - His current bills are totalling $950.00. Ultrasound is the next cost we are looking into. Checking into area vets for a price range. 

UPDATE 1/18/2014 - After finding a vet/hospital with more reasonable prices and a friendlier staff, we took Lynxe in for an ultrasound. Upon viewing the ultrasound it was discovered that his stomach was HUGE - so big that it was squishing his other organs and his intestines. Surgery is absolutely imperative and scheduled for tomorrow morning at 9:15am. They kept him overnight to give him fluids so he would be at his best possible for the operation. The price is more reasonable and the staff is compassionate. It's a good fit. Current cost estimates: $1,750 for his complete medical care both before and after operation. Donations both on site and in person are at about $500. Thank you for your support.

UPDATE - Intestonal cancer... he was suffering and had to be put down. We are devistated. 

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