Saving Shelia

Saving Shelia

From Pamela Funderburk

This campaign is for my sister who has stage 4 Pancratic Cancer I have witnessed how herbal oils has prolonged her life. From 2016 to present 2019. Please help. All are very welcome to message me to learn more.

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In 2016 my sister Shelia, was diagnosed with Stage 4 Pancreatic Cancer. At that  time was inoperable, due tumor size . After a series of chemo therapies, she was cleared to have the Whipple procedure. Two years later cleared of cancer and  stoping the herbal oil, the cancer returned, on the same organ,  the pancreas. What is important to note , this a very aggressive type of cancer. 

We have Initiated the use again a specific but expensive herbal treatment not covered by insurance. We made  the decision with support  of her oncologist,  the use of the herbal oil.  We believe  this is what  has  kept her other organs safe even in the reoccurrence, of malignant cancer spreading  outside original location. 

We are now forced to stop herbal options to handle shelter, utilities food, life necessities . So much is in arrears.  It has put full recovery out of reach at this time and TIMING is of great importance, The inability of consistent use of this expensive herbal treatment, has caused further distress and is strongly  distracting  her /us from peace of mind in this defense for life  So, here we ask for your help. 

Your help will make a difference. This is not wishful thinking. Proper research  and due diligence  been performed and concluded  to be a very important way to do, what some  main stream treatment advocates  in have been silenced to recommend. Thankfully some  MD’s are coming  around giving letters to patients to get a small purchase discount and allow for patients attain  larger purchase, upon visit. 

It is written, let the herbs and the seeds of earth be your food and your medicine. This herb has survived over 2000 on earth,  I have no doubt as to why. I want to thank family who recently have helped. We are mindful that as our family ages, finances wear thin. We greatly appreciate everything!

Thank you ,

Pamela & Family 

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