Help Shane Seizy's Come Home

Help Shane Seizy's Come Home

From Christina Grivanos

On July 16th 2014, Shane Seizys was wrongfully arrested and charged with armed robbery. The system failed Shane and deprived him from living as a free man. All funds will go towards a strong legal team to get Shane home!

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On July 16 2014, Shane Seizys was wrongfully arrested and charged with armed robbery. The description of the suspects was ‘2 black males’ and no further details. After line up 2 of the witnesses specifically stated that Shane Seizys was not one of the suspects and did not match the description. One witness identified all FOUR suspects for the TWO man robbery. On August 18 2018 Shane Seizys had his preliminary hearing. The evidence which was presented did not indicate that Seizys committed the crime. There was no surveillance, no physical evidence and no positive identification. The victims were not used in court in the preliminary hearing due to their inability to positively identify the suspects. Seizy’s then moved for dismissal. The magistrate judge stated on record that he “did not want to be responsible for letting a possible monster back out on the streets” and denied the motion to dismiss. In spite of there being no evidence or no mention of Shane. In December of 2014 investigators came to speak to Shane about another suspect and stated that if Seizys did not co-operate with the investigation he would end up being federally indicted and charged as a conspirative. Shane told the investigators he had no knowledge of the person and would not be able to help answer their questions and inquiries. On December 9 2014 Shane Seizys was indicted for conspiracy to commit robbery. Along with the suspect the police questioned him about. A year later while Shane was fighting to clear his name investigators again approached Shane and asked for is co-operation. Shane told what he had previously stated that he had no information or details about the crimes. The prosecutor then returned a superseding indictment charging Shane with an additional charge that carried 25 to life. On February 24 2016 Shane’s attorney advised him that if he did not plead guilty to the charges he would receive a life sentence. Shane was denied the right to have his discovery material which would have helped him fight his case and know the evidence against him. In March of 2016 after 2 years of fighting his charges Shane plead guilty in spite of claiming his innocence in fear of receiving a life sentence. Upon pleading guilty to a time of 30 years Shane discovered evidence that would prove his innocence. After receiving this evidence Shane wrote a letter to the judge asking to withdrawal his plea in light of the new evidence. On Shane’s sentencing date June 2 2016 the judge read Shanes letter as a motion and denied Shane the opportunity to present this evidence. Normally in situations similar the judge would continue the hearing in order to determine if the evidence has any value, to which in Shanes case was not done. After the denial of the motion to withdrawal his plea Shane asked his attorney to appeal at which time he agreed. Shane’s attorney proceeded to file an appeal presenting one issue and denied him the right to raise the issues Shane believed were legitimate claims. The attorney never consulted Shane about refusing to raise any issues that Shane wanted to present. Ultimately barring Shane from raising these issues in the future. After exhausting his 22-55 application Shane is currently working on his 22/41. Since being incarcerated he has completed numerous vocational trainings such as building trades, Microsoft word and processing, culinary arts and CDL training. Shane has also completed multiple adult continuation education classes such as business management, victim impact and money smart. Shane was also a part of a pilot program where a college professor visits the prison to teach college classes. He is also taking rehabilitation classes and further bettering himself by partaking in programs such as ‘The Challenge program’ which helps incarcerated individuals identify criminal thinking errors. Shane is currently a GED tutor working with inmates to acquire their high school equivalent diploma. Recently, Shane has been working to put together a non-profit project aimed at reaching out to disadvantaged communities in order to educate children on the importance of family, school and community. One of the main focuses is the deterrence of joining gangs, criminal violence and drugs. He believes that if you create an atmosphere that focuses in on respect and love you can eradicate the youth’s reliance on gangs and drugs. The system has failed Shane and not allowed him the opportunity to clear his name and live as a free man. Shane has served 7 years and is ready to come home and pursue a life of success and happiness. However, fighting his case has not been easy and he has been let down by a poor legal team. All funds raised here will go directly towards legal fees to help fight for Shane’s freedom. Let’s get Shane home! 

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