Shane Shumate Relief and Support

Shane Shumate Relief and Support

From Brandon Combs

This fundraiser is for Shane Shumate and his family. Your donations will be used to bring awareness to Shane's story and ease the burden placed on his family at this time. #freeshaneshumate https://m.fac...

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On the night of January 30th 2018, a young man hears a knock at the front door. He looks out and sees nothing. He begins to look out windows and notices something near his truck. He grabs his jacket and a pistol, putting the pistol in his pocket just before exiting his back door. Within 3 seconds from opening his door he is given two commands to "show me your hands" and is fired at 8 times. He was hit twice, one round severing his femoral artery and the other through his foot. Shane had no idea that there were 5 police officers surrounding his house. Shane was waiting for his mother to come comfort him on this day.

   You see, this is the day he found out his wife was cheating on him, this is the day, the first time he put his hands on a woman. He didn't hit his wife, he didn't try to hurt her, but when he took her phone to see for himself what others had shown him, she tried to get it back and he "body slammed" her and ran away. He left to calm down, to get a grasp on what had happened. He returned home, his wife and baby boy weren't there. He panicked some more, and thought to call his mother. She would be there as soon as she could. 

Earlier this day, January 30th 2018, those same 5 police officers were going through SWAT training at the gun range. Three hours after the altercation, and with the cover of darkness on their side you can literally hear one officer tell the others, " come on boys, let's go have some fun". ( Indiana Access to Public Records Act) The shooter, dieing to play out some C.O.D. in real life can be heard saying, " kick in the fucking door" as he probably decides he may as well do it himself, Shane comes out and before the officer finishes his second command, he's already firing at Shane. The officers video statement clearly states that he didn't give Shane a chance to fire a gun at him, and the body cam shows, he clearly did not give Shane a chance to do anything, even obey commands. 4 years later Shane has been charged and convicted of attempted murder. Something went very wrong here, and we need to know what exactly and hold those accountable responsible.

Your donation's will be used to provide closure and relief for Shane's family. They will be used to help provide for his unborn and six year old sons. They will be used to ease the burden placed on his family.  Your donations will help establish the whole truth of the matter by applying appropriate video and audio enhancements to body cams. It will be used to obtain transcripts from court proceedings. Your donations will be used to find out exactly what happened on that dark winter night. 

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