Sokrio Distribution Management System & KPI Measurement Revi

Sokrio Distribution Management System & KPI Measurement Revi

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Sokrio (DMS) software is an important tool/software for businesses that require to efficiently handle their entire retail sales channel including channel operations, order and delivery management, inventory and shipment monitoring etc. Sokrio supports businesses to track their orders, optimizing their supply process, tracking all HR’s real-time movement of activities and ensuring that their product delivery process is on time to the customer. 

With the Sokrio Sokrio Distribution Management System DMS system in place, businesses can maximize their productivity, accountability,  profitability, and stay ahead of the competition effectively.

What Is Sokrio Distribution Management System?

Sokrio Distribution Management System (DMS) is designed and developed to cooperate with manufacturers, merchants, and retailers to assure that orders are accurately met and distribution is smooth. The Sokrio DMS (Distribution Management System) was developed after extensive analysis of many industries’ value chains. It’s a mobile- & web-based solution that helps organizations bring efficiency in their retail sales channel related activities. Sokrio DMS has a broad range of amazing features and because of this, it is one of the leading Distribution Management System in Bangladesh. 

Business management division may need to operate, monitor and calculate their product inventory, stocks, shipments, orders, sales team performance, employees' activities, business productivity, and overall channel performance efficiency and effectiveness. It is difficult, costly, and time-consuming, and quite sometimes it's even impossible to operate all these activities manually.

 However, using Sokrio Distribution Management System (DMS) software will equip you with all this information and insights with only a few clicks smartly and quickly in one single platform.

Why Will You Pursue The Sokrio DMS Software?

Sokrio DMS can provide you with different systems like inventory management, track orders, and supply optimization, employee management and tracking, monitor retail sales activities, collect on demanding updated data, business automation, real time sales report, sales team activity monitoring, help to keep  previous data record for instant needed, measure total distribution channel management, online & offline order collection, offline check-in and many more.

Customer satisfaction is Sokrio’s first priority. Sokrio is committed to providing the best business solution services through business management, tracking, monitoring, operational activities, employee management inventory, real time data, sales funnel, KPI measurement. You can reach your business goals and stay ahead of the competition by utilizing Sokrio DMS software. 

What Is KPI?

KPI stands for Key Performance Indicator which helps to measure the performance and success of any organization, business, division, team, or individual. KPI helps you to make and support your business strategy from the start to reach your goals. You can focus on what is important for your business or where you should need to develop. For KPI measurement, first you should fix your objectives. Then you need to decide what KPI and how you measure it.

Your KPI should be specific, relevant, measurable, achievable, and actionable. You can measure your actionable KPI weekly, monthly, quarterly, and yearly base.

What Is Sokrio KPI Measurement 

The Sokrio KPI measurement is one of the best software that can help you to measure your business Key Performance indicator. You can measure your business's operational and distributional activities effectively by using the Sokrio KPI measurement features.It is easy to use and can save your time and money. You can easily identify your business's weak areas and can take proper initiative to improve.

Sokrio KPI Measurement Dashboard

The Sokrio KPI Measurement dashboard is a smart KPI measurement tool. You can measure your business' different types of performances with this excellent dashboard. For example, you want to measure your business retail sales.

You divided two sections of your sales team in a route. Team 'A' and team 'B'.

Let's see the details of how you can use the Sokrio dashboard to measure your two teams' first week sales performance. 


You can monitor and track your business production, stock, retail outlets, sales channel, distribution channel, and employee KPI measurement with the help of Sokrio software and tools.

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