Jayeesha's solstice-to-solstice "sortabbatical"

Jayeesha's solstice-to-solstice "sortabbatical"

From Jayeesha Dutta

Funding for participating in artist delegation with Eyewitness Palestine in August, residency in WA state in September/October & Bulbancha-Bengal research trip and ayurvedic massage training in South Asia in December.

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The last year has been extraordinarily hard on my body, mind, and spirit and I've come to the deep and profound realization I need to put the brakes on, and take a break, from going, going, going. The state of constant reactivity as an activist for decades now has taken a deep toll. As such, from summer solstice until winter solstice of this year, I am taking a "sortabbatical" break. I will continue to move forward collaborative work that I am accountable to and part of, and, will trust the amazing people around me to do the heavier lifting for a little while. As you know, doing work from gig to gig, grant to grant, hustle to hustle, for so very many years doesn't leave me with a savings to draw from as I make this choice for my well-being.  So dear one, you are someone I'm asking to help me manifest this. Here's what you'll be supporting if you choose to, and in exchange, I'll provide a custom art piece for all contributions over $25.

From August 11 until August 23, I am going to be an artist-participant on Eyewitness Palestine's 69th delegation to Israel/ Palestine with a focus on "community arts and resilience". The delegation will consist of 20-30 people from across the US, traveling to Palestine/Israel. The goals of the delegation are to witness the ongoing conflict and occupation, to support human rights activities in the region, and to return home and educate Americans about the conflict and our government’s involvement in the region. Some of the highlights of our delegation will be meetings with Israeli and Palestinian artists, culture bearers, peace activists, political and religious leaders; homestays in both Palestinian and Israeli homes, and the chance to visit several holy sites. 

From September 23 until October 13, I have been awarded a 3-week residency with the Windcall Institute and placed at a waterfront retreat home on the Hood Canal in Washington State. The only expectations is that I don't "work" and eat the healthy dinner prepared lovingly for the residents daily. I cannot imagine what a gift this extended time with water and nature, and being taken care of, will provide for the perspective and clarity I need right now. Who knows, I might even write that rom-com screenplay I've been talking about.

From October 13 until October 18, I hope to participate in the generative somatic's school of embodied leadershipWhile I haven't gotten accepted (yet, will find out in August), I am hopeful to have the opportunity to learn to integrate the wisdom of the body into my practice, and create space for somatics more intentionally in all of what I do - and who I am.

and finally,

In December 2019, I will be taking a month-long journey to my ancestral lands. After visiting with family, I plan to go on a research trip including a visit at Shantiniketan, the radical learning community Rabindranath Tagore founded. After that, from December 14 until December 25, I am registered to take a 100-hour Ayurvedic massage therapist certification course in Goa. It feels right that I'll be on the Arabian Sea in culminating my solstice-to-solstice sortabbatical to learn a practical skill I can bring back to my communities working to protect these waters that connect all of us. 

Currently, I am blessed to be receiving support from the "Fighter League" for holistic leadership development, the Windcall Institute for the residency in Washington, and Tulane's Center for the Gulf South's Global South fellowship for the Bulbancha to Bengal research trip. These resources have allowed me to realize this is the moment to take this break from leadership to build as a leader, to heal, and most importantly, to vision what's next for me with the communities I love and serve. 

However, as you can imagine to do ALL of the above, and still pay my bills at home, is going to cost some $. I need to raise an additional $10,000 to cover my every day living costs (bills, taxes, insurances, etc) for this time period, as well as the costs associated with doing all of the above. I am hoping to raise $5000 online here with my art, and $5000 through fundraising in-person through supper clubs at my house, tarot card readings, selling handmade soaps and yard sales.

Please consider making a contribution of $25 or above, as I am only sending this request to friends and family who I feel have some financial capacity, and care about my growth and health. * As such, I am not publishing this request publicly on social media. If you landed here, it's because of some kind of personal 1:1 communication via email or DM. Feel free to share with others in this manner, but I request you do not share on social media (and keep that platform for the fundraising for campaigns and organizations that we care about - the world being on fire is a big reason I need this break after all). This is a personal ask to support me in my journey, with deep gratitude and love for anything you can contribute - even if it's simply good wishes. My manifestation appreciations are custom-made pieces of art, if you are able to contribute, you will literally be a part of this journey I'm on beyond the financial support, since I'll produce the artwork during this "sortabbatical", too. 


For manifestation support @ $25, I will e-mail you customized digital art created during my sortabbatical.

For manifestation support @ $50, I will send you a watercolor postcard somewhere along the way during my sortabbatical.

For manifestation support @ $100, I will send you an original 9x12 lino-block print created during my sortabbatical.

For manifestation support @ $250, you can tell me the 3-4 colors you'd like for the primary palette, and I will create a 9x12 custom watercolor piece for you during my sortabbatical.

For manifestation support @ $500+, you can tell me the 3-4 colors you'd like for the primary palette, text (for example, a poem or quote) you would like to have integrated, and preferred mediums. I will create a custom mixed media piece for you, created during my sortabbatical.

All manifestation support appreciation creations will be sent by the end of 2019.

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