Sponsor an Abortion

Sponsor an Abortion

From Christian E Lindsey

Sponsor an abortion raises money to cover the travel, procedure, and counseling costs of the practice, allowing women who live in states that have banned the practice the chance to have access to it in another state.

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Sponsor an Abortion is a not-for-profit organization that has been created in the aftermath of the Supreme Court’s decision to overturn the 1973 Roe vs. Wade case that guaranteed American citizens the right to an abortion. Since the recent decision several states have moved to outright ban a woman’s right to chose what is best for her body and her life. Support an Abortion is attempting to rectify this egregious action by offering women in the states of Texas, Louisiana, Idaho, Arkansas, Missouri, Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, Alabama, Oklahoma, South Dakota, North Dakota, Kentucky, Tennessee, Florida, and Utah, the ability to travel to another state that allows the practice of abortion where they can receive the procedure safely, securely, and privately if they so choose. Sponsor an Abortion understands that it as an entity and its members/employees may face a backlash by lawmakers in those above-mentioned states. This is a risk that we are willing to take. Protecting a woman’s right to choose what is best for her body and her life rests at the core principles of what democracy means and what living in a free democracy entails. We will fight to fund anyone who needs to have the procedure by covering their travel. lodging, and procedure costs. This will include airfare, train, or other forms of transportation, mental health counseling, and medical costs that revolve around the procedure itself.

Support an Abortion needs your help to make all of this possible. Only when we all stick together can we hope to limit the undemocratic aggression coming from those who would see our society regress to the Post WW2 War era. Your support can remain anonymous if you so choose. If you want to make your voice heard and known by your choice to donate, we offer certificates of support that will include your name. We will offer to mail a copy of said certificate to the lawmaker in the state/constituency where the recipient of support for an abortion lives, her/their name remaining anonymous of course. The lawmaker will receive a copy of the certificate. You may choose to take a picture holding your certificate if you like and we will mail the photo to the said lawmaker as well.

Help join us as we move to ensure that women in this country continue to have a right to choose what's best for their bodies and their own destinies.

Thank you for your support in protecting our right to choose. 

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