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Hi GTR and CHHH members. 

Wishing you all a beautiful Christmas Season.

The holidays are always a very difficult time for us Angel Parents.  Little brings us great joy anymore. A sadness only one of us can describe and or understand. 

With that said, we at   GOOD TIMES REMEMBERED and  try to do a raffle or giveaway each year during the Christmas Season, hoping  to make the holidays a bit brighter for someone.

We will be giving away two beautiful RETREATS!  Two lucky moms will receive a free scholarship for this fabulous 5 day Retreat experience. 

All inclusive except for travel expenses to and from Ellijay, Georgia.

Crystals Heart is giving away a Retreat for one Mom and the AMVETS of MountDora, FL.  are giving away another retreat. Specifically for an angel parent whose child served in any of our United States armed services. If he or she passed away to or because of addiction and was not dishonorably discharged. 

To join this raffle please submit your information on the  with your name, phone number, email, Angels name etc.… Then write a few paragraphs describing why you feel you need this experience and tell us a little bit about your story. All submissions will be read. According to the severity of you story and financial situation we will put your story Into a drawing. Then you must donate at least $25.00 minimum.

 As soon as the donation is received, your story will be added to the raffle. Two separate drawings…one for CH Scholarship and one for the parents of a Veteran, for the AMVETS scholarship. The drawing will be December 20th and announced on the 21st of December. 

 Also, if you know someone with heart wrenching sad story and or little to no funds to be able to do a trip like this, you may submit a story for another Angel Mom. A Mom you feel could really use something like this. This is for two separate retreats each $800 value per retreat. You would have a choice of May or October in 2024. 

We also have Gift Certificates if you know someone you would like to purchase a Retreat experience for. Gift certificates are good for anytime any year. We would also thank you upfront from the bottom of our heart if you chose you make any generous donations to our cause. We appreciate any and all financial support. All donations go towards supporting our high end crafts and art therapy at the retreats as well as a free scholarships for a Mom. 

We thank you very much and are so very sorry for your tremendous loss. We pray we can be a part in your healing process.

We look forward to seeing you at one of our upcoming retreats. 

Please go to before or  after submitting your paragraph and donation, feel free to check out the testimonials from other moms who have enjoyed this beautiful experience with others who understand just like them.

To submit, please go to:

  $25. One submission entry

  $50. Two entries 

  $75. Three entries 

  $100. Five entries

  $200. Plus FIFTEEN (15) entries

Thank you, with love. 


Forever Crystal’s Mom 

 Crystals Heart Healing House.

A private and intimate Retreat for parents who have lost a child due to or because of Addiction

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