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Startup Company

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My startup business that I hope to, one day, make into a well known brand that will help start up many rising companies and businesses for college students.

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I may be a college student going for a science degree, however I have another passion; and that is design. I have always loved fashion and graphic designing, and I have wished to be able to both science and fashion one day.  I asked God and my parents if that was possible. Of course, my parents said no. But, God said it is possible. 

Though I am still in college for science, I have not given up my creative visionary completely. I have worked in theatrical costumes and other things; but I still want to do more.

So, what can a college kid do while they are still in school? Make a startup store that can sell my fabric designs! All of the designs are original, and I make them all the time. I also make sure the designs are right the first time, and I try to make them as unique as possible for others to appreciate my art. I also make authentic, aesthetic pieces that I make sure either I or someone I know would use. I do not just make things, I make things I know I or other people would like. 

Yet, it is very expensive to startup by myself.I already designed the websites (on Wix) to start selling online, and I have the social media pages started; but I don't have the money to officially put my work out there to sell. I have made so many designs and I am excited to put them out there. 

The money I make will help me through and after college, and one day I plan to make this something I put even more focus in incrementally. I will be able to have a science degree, a job in the field of science, and have an outlet to let me be as creative as possible on a global market. I will be fulfilling two goals and dreams at once.

If it becomes big enough, I will devote my money into helping other upcoming fashion and graphic designers in college so they may not go through as much financial struggle as I am going through right now. It is important that people get their creativity out in the world, especially when creativity is starting to become less authentic with copying and pasting. I also plan to eventually help my family members who are struggling. I won't put their information or business out there, but I do plan on helping them and potentially giving them jobs within my business. 

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