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Stonewall Youth staff and friends ready to knock down some pins for local LGBTQ+ youth leadership programming, community, and advocacy!

Stonewall Youth

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About The Team

The Stonewall Youth staff collective (and friends) are here to knock down some pins, have fun, and raise money so we can continue our important work of building and sustaining LGBTQ+ youth community.

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Stonewall Youth is bringing back one of our most popular events, the IncrediBOWL Bowl-a-Thon! It's a super fun and easy way to support leadership and advocacy programs for LGBTQ+ youth in our community.  

What's the bowl-a-thon? Teams of five people get donations to support their team prior to the event. The bowl-a-thon culminates on May 16 at 2-4pm, when we gather at Westside Lanes (2200 Garfield Ave NW, Olympia 98502) for an all-ages & child-friendly extravaganza!  There will be prizes, costumes, diner food, and more! All are welcome. 

On this Fundly page, you can support a Team (look to the right for links to Team pages) or just donate to show your support for the whole event and for Stonewall Youth. All donations benefit LGBTQ+ youth. (More info about Stonewall Youth below.)

Want to be our hero? We’re recruiting Team Captains to help us have a successful Bowl-a-Thon. Below is a quick overview and please contact us for more team captain details.  Want to join a team?  Contact us and we'll find a team for you!  

What's a Team Captain?

-Team Captains round up a group of about five folks (friends, family, co-workers, etc.) who are committed to having a great time and who will help you support LGBTQ+ youth leadership at Stonewall Youth. Bowling expertise is not required.

-Teams come up with a team name.  You’re also invited to come up with a color theme, costumes, and other ways to express your team’s awesomeness. Have fun with it!  Examples from past events: Rugby Zombies; Glam Superstar State Workers;  Vampire Nuns; Bowling Superheroes; Punk Rock Preschool Teachers; The Perilous Programmers; Valiant Vegan Vixens; and Team Charlie (a team of folks that all dressed up like Charlie Chaplin!) Costumes are NOT required; you’re welcome to come as you are!

-Each team gets its own Fundly page! Fundly makes it easy to raise money from folks that you’re in touch with via email and social media. Your team can use Fundly to let everyone know how to support your team and LGBTQ+ youth!  Use Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and all the things. You can also send it to your pals via email. People like to give: you just have to make it easy for them!

-Teams figure out how they want to raise money for Stonewall Youth!  The goal for a team of five is to raise about $500.  That’s $100  per team member. This is a goal, not a barrier.  We know this can sound like a lot, but Stonewall Youth is here to support you!  Think of it this way: if you have five people on your team and each team member gets five people to donate $20, you’ve done it!  Or each person could get 10 people to donate $10, and so on.

-Get creative with your fundraising! Teams use all sorts of strategies to raise funds for their team: bakesales, garage sales, asking businesses to make donations, and more.

-Keep in touch with Stonewall Youth!  We'll help you fundraise.

-We request that teams and individual bowlers do your best to amass all of your donations prior to the event either by having folks donate via this Fundly page or by collecting donations to bring to the event. Folks can also donate via Fundly at the actual event.

-Get everybody to show up at least 15 minutes before the event, get shoes, find a lane, get a bowling ball and start bowling. Stonewall staff, youth and volunteers will be available to answer questions at the welcome table and will collect team money as folks arrive. 

-Individual team members pay for their own games — $8 gets you two games and shoes. 

Contact us for more details! 

ABOUT STONEWALL YOUTH: Founded in 1991, Stonewall Youth is a youth-led organization that empowers LGBTQ+ youth to speak for themselves, support each other, educate our communities, and work for social justice.

Most of our programming is for youth age 21 and under. We recently started drop-ins and other activities for youth ages 18-24. We serve three primarily rural counties in southwestern Washington: Thurston, Mason and Lewis.

Stonewall Youth is youth-led and adult-supported. We are operated by a staff collective of seven part-time Co-Directors (four youth and three adults).

Youth staff, Board members, and participants are involved in all areas of work and decision-making. The majority of people in our collective and on our Board are people of color; all identify somewhere in the LGBTQ+ spectrum. Along with providing youth staff opportunities, we provide internship opportunities to youth college students and paid Fellowships to low-income youth.

Stonewall Youth (SY) provides a dazzling array of programs: peer support groups; drop-in hours four days/week; ongoing art, music and writing programs; advocacy and mentorship; safe and sober social events (such as dances and performances); an annual 4-day youth leadership development and organizational planning retreats; opportunities for youth to educate themselves and our community on issues that LGBTQ+ youth face; professional development through staff positions, fellowships, internships, and Board membership; and much more! 

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