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Who are we?

We are individuals with a desire to freely and productively discuss current issues or occurrences that we believe are valid issues that go unnoticed due to the continuous veils being thrown over everyone’s eyes. For more details on who we are, we would suggest reading a little more About Us on our site.

What are our goals?

To create a platform where anyone can visit and freely discuss their opinions. To write articles and share recordings and videos to create open, productive discussions with the public community. We will value and accept all consenting and dissenting opinions for discussion, with the exception of any that are threatening or violent in nature.

What do we need to achieve this? 

Creating and maintaining this platform takes a lot. Everything from actual and hidden expenses, as well as a LOT of time spent researching, writing, creating, and the overall maintenance. Here is a list of some of the immediate costs associated with this that we are looking for assistance in covering:


  • Computer - We are in need of a new computer capable of handling all of the videos, recordings, documentation, photos, and so much more. 

  • Laptop - we have the one that will be work great for its intended purpose, we are in need of some upgrades in order to keep it running smoothly and without interruption.

  • Screens - \we use multiple screens to productively stream multiple sites, research, and videos, to edit and create. We would need 2-3 additional screens.

  • Software - Video recording and video editing software, Graphic design software, and Office software.

  • Video - High-Res commercial-grade cameras and microphones

  • General office equipment & supplies

General Out-of-Pocket Expenses:

  • Property expenses

  • Utilities - electricity, water, heat, etc.

  • INTERNET - high-speed internet is a must, we are currently at the lowest available with Comcast which (obviously) causes a number of issues

  • Transportation - vehicle maintenance and gas reimbursements

These are the basics of what we can think of at the moment as far as the basics of what we need. We may be adding things as they pop up and will make a note of what is added.

We thank you so much for being a part of this with us and we thank you for anything you are able to give and for your overall support! We hope you enjoy Subjective Nation 911 and join in the discussions! Stay safe and thank you!

P.S. Luci Lu says puppy treats or toys are always welcome too! ;)

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