I need your help suing STPNinja/FTMConnect/Dick Benson

I need your help suing STPNinja/FTMConnect/Dick Benson

From Ashe Larkin

I am asking for money in support of my effort to sue a "businessman" who makes his business out of scamming transgender individuals who are buying his items for bottom dysphoria relief.

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**Potential Trigger warning** 

I had ordered a product from this company whose domain and owner name keeps changing, and when I was told they were a scammer (and did some research after that to find it relatively true) I emailed the owner and asked if I could have a refund. He said no because he had a no refund policy, which is valid, as annoyed and scared as I was. Benson told me, quote "Because we made a business deal amd I keep up my end." when I asked how I would know I would get my order. This was on November 9th, 2018. He then continues to say some insulting and disgusting things most reputable business owners would never say. I had originally ordered the 100-day shipping, and I was told from my bank to give him that time before requesting a chargeback. I waited for 100 days, plus some. 

On May 16, 2019, I asked where my order was since it should not have taken this long for an item to get to me. His quoted response: "I think the package is up your ass to the left?" After much back and forth, on June 20th, 2019, I asked him "If I don’t get it within the next two months, would you send out a new order? I paid for an item to use, and I know it’s not your fault it’s lost in the mail, but I didn’t pay to get nothing." and Benson replied "No". then in another email right after,  "Actually sure why not. Email me in two months if you don't get it."

I emailed him on August 21, 2019, two months after June 20th. I got no response. On October 15th I asked if it had been sent out. No response. On October 22, 2019, I emailed him again: "Hey Benson, I know you are getting my emails. This is highly unprofessional. Please email me ASAP so I can get the product I ordered a year ago. Thank you." No response. 

I tried again on March 1, 2020. His response was insulting my email signature for 12 email responses, all of which I simply did not respond to his attempts to rile me up and kept asking if my package was sent. Never responds to it. However, on March 3, 2020, Benson Davis tells me, "if I stuck my dick in you I could make you pregnant," and "No one 'threatened' anything. I said I could make you pregnant. Which is a fact. If you and I were a romantic couple and had sexual relations, there is a chance you'd get pregnant." This I take as a threat of sexual assault, and it was the last straw for me.

It is horribly disgusting the way he has treated me and others in the transgender community, and even more disgusting that he would threaten to impregnate someone (which he could not, in my case, not that it matters), and even talk about having sexual relations with a customer. 

I am tired of being treated as less of a person and would appreciate your help in helping me open a lawsuit against this person to stop his illegal activities and to get him out and away from the transgender community. 

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