Support ESGWise on Indiegogo: Empowering Sustainability Worldwide

Support ESGWise on Indiegogo: Empowering Sustainability Worldwide

From Vasu Shobhit

We're fundraising for ESGWise, a non-profit promoting eco-friendly practices & social responsibility in the business world. Your donation expands our reach & provides training/resources to improve sustainability ratings.

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I would like to share a personal experience that highlights the importance of our campaign and how your contributions can have a meaningful impact. 

During my visit to a small town in India, I had the pleasure of meeting Ramesh, a local business owner who ran a clothing store that had been a cornerstone of his community for generations. However, Ramesh was struggling to adapt to the changing consumer preferences and growing environmental concerns. His story is a common one that can be seen in countless businesses worldwide that struggle to balance economic growth with environmental and social responsibility.

To help businesses like Ramesh's, we established ESGWise. Our goal is to empower business owners like him by providing them with the resources and knowledge to adopt sustainable practices, making their businesses more eco-friendly and socially responsible. 

By contributing to our campaign, you will be directly supporting initiatives like the one we took with Ramesh. The funds will provide essential training and resources to businesses that need it, helping them embrace sustainability. We will develop educational materials, conduct workshops, and offer guidance to help these businesses thrive in a more responsible and eco-conscious way.

Our campaign is personal because it represents our commitment to making a real-world impact, like the transformation we saw in Ramesh's store. Your support will ensure that more businesses and communities can follow in his footsteps, creating a better, more sustainable future for all of us.

Thank you for being a part of this journey and helping us turn individual stories like Ramesh's into a collective narrative of positive change.

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