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Support Starfire Singers

From Colby Waterland

Each year the most amazing ~100 high-schoolers around take a journey to teach community. It does cost money, but the rewards are priceless.

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Despite having what I think, now that I'm older and wiser and balder, are some of the best parents around, my adolescence was a very difficult time for me. Probably for all involved.

But this community of peers, supported by some of the most dynamic and selfless adult leaders you can imagine, kept me grounded and taught me the value of having each other. I eventually (mostly :-) grew out of my funk, and I wish to pay it forward.

Each year these young adults, together with their leaders, take a spiritual journey and learn more about love, respect, and reliance on each other. It is a rare opportunity in this age of helicopter parenting and vast Silicon Valley wealth, which probably makes it more relevant than ever.

Not every teen comes from a family with money to spare, but that has never in the history of this group prevented anyone from going. We have always come together to make sure that every kid who wants to go, goes. And us alumni wish to keep it that way.

This is about community, it's about learning about oneself, one another, and all the individuals who make up our human race -- attitudes and ideas we can all embrace (I swear I only saw the rhyme after i posted, but I'm going to leave it).

It is in this regard that I solicit for your donations. It’s a worthy cause and 100% of your dollar will go straight to supporting this group.

Thank you, and have an amazing journey.


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