Surgeries for Jax

Surgeries for Jax

From Lisa Hwang

Jax needs surgery on both his knees and I'm struggling to afford the costs. Please read my personal story below.

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This is my cat, Jax. I adopted him through the Richmond SPCA in 2017 and he's supported me in getting through some of the darkest and hardest times of my life; I love him like he's my child. He follows me around everywhere like a shadow and doesn't like being alone. Unfortunately, he's been diagnosed early on in his life with a rare condition in cats called Patella Luxation where he continuously dislocates his knees which causes a great amount of pain and will lead to arthritis and potentially the inability to walk if left untreated. Both knees were grade 3 out of 4 and after 2nd, 3rd, and 4th opinions from multiple vets, they've all agreed that surgery is the only option in treating his knees to provide him a better quality of life. The surgeon I've consulted with wanted to take him into surgery immediately, and the cost came out to be 7,000 (3,500 for each knee). One knee will be operated on at a time, and the post-operational recovery will be between half a year to a year.

When Jax was put under for his first surgery, there was a complication. His pulse Ox started to rapidly decline and had to be woken up from anesthesia. He was never able to get through his knee surgery, and the surgical staff found that Jax had a pneumothorax. There was a hole in his lung and air was escaping into his chest cavity. This could have been very fatal, but luckily was caught under the vision of the staff. Unfortunately, costs kept increasing due to the complication and treatment as well as multiple x-rays taken to ensure that his lung is stable. If no other complications arise, the total cost of everything combined will roughly amount to $8,000.

I rarely like asking for help, but I'm struggling to figure out how I'm going to be able to afford these surgeries. I graduated a year early from a 4-year university to work full time my 4th year and save up to afford attending graduate school, but all my savings are now going towards Jax's surgery. Sadly, I'm living from paycheck to paycheck and all the money I've saved up working as a Medical Assistant and Emergency Medical Technician these past 1.5 years is still not enough to cover these costs. I would extremely appreciate any and all donations towards his surgeries and I really thank you all in advance for any consideration, prayer, or donation.

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