Tech Trends Of The Hospitality Industry

Tech Trends Of The Hospitality Industry

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When we talk about the hospitality industry, there is a lot more to it than staying in a hotel. There are many different facets, each of which plays its part in the process.

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When we talk about the hospitality industry, there is a lot more to it than staying in a hotel. There are many different facets, each of which plays its part in the process. You have thousands of employees, hundreds of stakeholders, and a single desire to offer their customers the best possible service they can offer. It is understood that this is a lot easier said than done and it is not unheard of for some to do better than others. Because so much is at play in the hospitality industry, we cannot single out any one reason for its success or failure.

In the modern age we live in, the lives we live have been infiltrated by technology across several different areas. We might not like to admit it but we are incredibly reliant on different forms of tech and this is thanks to the fact that it adds convenience and simplifies so much. As every industry has benefited from different forms of technology, the hospitality industry is no different. We have seen a drastic shift in this space over the last few years with the likes of online check-in, robots, and the internet of things.

Some developments are drastic while others are more subtle. Each of them plays its part in the evolution of an evergreen industry. The COVID-19 pandemic did a number on the hospitality industry. Now that one can say that we are past it all, the industry is moving forward from what it had to do.

When we talk about the hospitality industry, it is more than 5-star hotels in fancy locations. It is smaller hotels, Airbnbs, inns, hostels, and motels that want to ensure people have a decent experience when staying there. Using technology, these locations have been able to upgrade their systems, processes, and workflows to learn more about what the customer wants, how to implement changes, and how to remain more informed.

Tech Trends To Watch For

This article will highlight what we feel are the most important emerging trends. Some are innovations that have just come around, others are an evolution of existing tech.

Artificial intelligence Is quickly becoming one of the driving forces behind much of the change in our society. Contrary to popular belief, AI does not have to be something as complex as Jarvis in Iron Man. An extremely simple example of AI is chatbots being used across different industries. Chatbots in the hospitality industry make it easier for customers and prospective customers to get information about the things they want when they want it. AI chatbots are programmed to answer questions across a variety of subjects and over time, they refine their results with more experience. Unless there is some outlandish issue that needs human intervention, AI chatbots have all the answers.

As much of the world moves towards sustainability and convenience, it is no surprise that contactless payments have picked up speed. COVID-19 has forced many people to go contactless regarding payment to prevent the spread of contagions. Furthermore, contactless payments usually require a simple tap on the POS terminal and the payment goes through. It is effortless and has also made it possible to use cryptocurrencies as a means of payment.

Similar to contactless payments, keyless entry is a no-contact means of entering your rooms. This has been around for a long time and customers would use access cards to get in. However, the need for said cards has been eliminated since all of this is now available on a mobile phones. Using Wi-Fi, NFC, QR codes, or Bluetooth, someone staying at a hotel can unlock the door without having to touch a card that several people have touched in the past. This removes the need to worry about keeping your card on you since we actively take more care of our phones than other things in our lives.

The internet of things is when you use a combination of sensors and software to automate a series of activities. This automation can be programmed to deploy when and how you want it, making it incredibly convenient. It also allows users to save on costs and improve the overall lives of these devices. Using smart devices such as smart lights and thermostats, guests can adjust the lighting and temperature from their phones since every smart device uses a companion phone app. As a customer, this is an added layer of convenience that improves the overall experience – it’s the little things that matter.

As a business owner, this allows for a more dynamic approach when it comes to their business. On onehand, you can automate simple processes such as water heating, outdoor lighting, and security systems; on the other hand, you can give your customers a better experience. No one is going to forget being able to turn their room lights purple when they watch their favorite shows.

When you come home and want to continue your favorite shows, you need a strong internet service. Why? Well, if you are using a streaming service, you will have to get a reliable internet connection that can give you a smooth entertainment experience. You can even opt for Mediacom Bundle Deals that comes with plathora of features and reasonable price.

One of the most exciting trends to emerge in recent times is big data. In the simplest of words, big data is defined as the process of using data to make decisions. In 2022, there are several ways for one to generate and collect different forms of data. Furthermore, data can be something as simple as the number walking into the lobby each day or studying what sort of demographic choose which type of accommodation and why. The scale at which data is generated is often allowed to go unnoticed because there are so many different means to do so. However, as a business, it is important to leverage the insights that big data generates because you have real-world information that allows you to make informed decisions.

Let us assume you have noticed a drop in five-star reviews and when you took a deeper look at it, you noticed that customers complained about the way that your customer service team communicated. They also complained about the lack of amenities such as gigabit internet and a vending machine. For the untrained eye, these might seem menial, but for a hospitality business, these reviews can make or break their chances of securing customers.

Learning from insights will allow you to understand the state of affairs backed by factual evidence. This will directly allow you to make decisions based on what needs to be done. When you use big data, you are using one of the most powerful tools of the modern age. There are inevitable benefits to this that were not possible in the past.

The hospitality industry is recovering after a few years of unforeseen decline. COVID-19 had made quite severalchanges to the industry but with that in the past and combined with a rapidly growing technology sector, the future looks promising. With so much diversity in offerings, there are no signs of any growth slowing down. People will always need a place to stay when they are in town, there will always be different preferences when it comes to what you want to say, and technology will always make life better.

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