Teen/Young Adult Needs Help Escaping Abusive Household

Teen/Young Adult Needs Help Escaping Abusive Household

From Amelia Vasiliev

I'm a queer teen who needs help out of an abusive environment and into a place of my own. The money will go to rent, getting the basics, covering the first bit of living on my own, and to care for my cat.

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Hi, my name's Amelia and I really need your help. I'm a queer teen/young adult stuck in an abusive situation at home. My mother is controlling and narcissistic, and both she and my father are addicts. It's becoming unbearable and I'm desperate to escape.

Being here is awful to my mental and physical health. As I said, my parents are addicts and are abusive, both mentally and physically. It's worse when it comes into the topic of me being queer, as my family have generally disowned me for it. I'm greatly isolated, and my mother has made it impossible for me to get employed or leaving the house. She has gone as far as messing up my job chances by talking to potential bosses/managers after they have interviewed me. Any time I show any hint of independence, she gets angry. I've also been trying to get a drivers license for a little while, but she never takes me to the DMV or out driving when I need it. She's yells at me when I ask, and proceeds to sit and watch tv/drinks/gets high all day. Despite my efforts to gain independence, she prevents me from leaving the house, getting a drivers license, or pursuing any form of personal freedom.

Living with two addict parents doesn't make it easier, as I don't even feel safe with them driving me anywhere (if my mother even allowed me to go somewhere in the first place), nor do I feel safe in my own house. Both my parents are always either drunk/high, and can get pretty aggressive.

I'm doing what I can to make money from home, but it's not enough. I've tried reaching out to shelters, my local lgbtq+ center, and youth homes, but so far, no luck.

 I have no friends or family in the area who can help me either. I don't keep in contact with any out of state/country family, as they want nothing to do with me because I'm queer/lgbtq.

My cat's been my lifeline through all this. She's like my best friend, and making sure she's okay is a huge deal to me too. This is another reason I'm looking for my own place, to keep her safe and taken care of as well. I'm afraid to leave her behind, so it's important that she comes with me too.

So overall, I'm asking for your help to get out of this abusive environment and into a place of my own. I just need a fresh start. The money will go to rent, getting the basics, covering the first bit of living on my own, and of course to caring for my cat.

I want to be independent, start living life on my own terms, But I can't with my current situation with my abusive parents. Your support means everything to me, even the smallest contribution would help, and I would be most grateful.

I can't share a picture publicly because, well, privacy. If my family found this it would make things even worse.

Thanks a bunch for taking the time to read all this. If you could share this as well, it would mean the world to me.

Thank you,

Amelia x

Another addition:

If you want to read more into detail of the abusive situation I'm in, I made a post awhile on a subreddit (I was asking for advice/help) that goes further into it https://www.reddit.com/r/raisedbynarcissists/comments/16dwk9o/need_advice_on_how_to_escape_abusive/

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