The Fight Of My Life: A Plea For Help After Life-Altering In

The Fight Of My Life: A Plea For Help After Life-Altering In

From Katie Victoria

32, F battles life-altering injuries from car accident, compounded by spinal defects MS & scoliosis. Medicaid drop no insurance—seeking aid for crucial surgeries, aiming to return to work. Your support can change my life

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My name is Kaitlin. I live near Jacksonville, Florida. My life took an unexpected detour, and I find myself grappling with the aftermath of a harrowing one-person car accident that left me with fractures in my spine, left arm, and left shoulder. At 32, I stand alone, a single woman navigating the complexities of recovery without the immediate support of family. This is my story, a journey marked by what seems like neverending pain and a plea for assistance. It happened on a day after it rained and the roads were still wet when my 2016 Kia Soul hydroplaned after crossing railroad tracks. Panic set in, and I swerved desperately in an attempt to regain control. The consequence was a flipped car that ultimately landed in a ditch, leaving me with severe injuries that would alter the course of my life. The subsequent days unfolded within the walls of the Intensive Care Unit at Shands in Jacksonville. Medical professionals administered Propofol medication, a necessity to be able to snap and push the displaced bones in my arm and shoulder back into place without me being 100% conscious. Luckily, I do not remember a thing from that. I was told the trauma nurse had to step out of the room due to it being so traumatic.  A few days in the ICU passed, and I was moved to a regular room, where I stayed for a few more days  before receiving my discharge paperwork. However, the promised surgery that was scheduled to be done in a couple days  to address my fractures never came to fruition. Bureaucratic obstacles emerged when the hospital insisted on a primary care physician referral, a task made impossible as I struggled to find an available doctor within my insurance network. Adding to the challenges, my Medicaid ended up inexplicably dropping me, exacerbating the financial strain on my already dire situation. Born with a spinal defect called diastematymelia, I underwent surgery as a baby, leaving me with mild scoliosis. My father's battle with Multiple Sclerosis, coupled with my own symptoms, further complicated my health. Yet, the elusive diagnosis of MS remained out of reach due to the risks associated with spinal tap procedures, given my congenital spinal issues. Living with even more chronic pain, I faced the heart-wrenching decision to stop pain medication after a short time, unwilling to risk addiction. Unemployed after the accident, I applied for disability several months ago, only to find myself caught in a bureaucratic maze of delays and uncertainties. Frustrated & desperate, I now turn to the generosity of caring and able people, sharing my story and soliciting financial help through donations. These funds are not sought for luxuries but serve as a lifeline to access the medical care and surgeries that pave the way for my return to employment and to finally get back on my feet again. As I wait for the ever so drawn out and prolonged SSI disability application review process, each passing day adds to the weight of my physical and financial burden and my pain and condition only worsens. My bones are already starting to heal incorrectly, which they diagnosed as malunions and nonunions. My plea for assistance is a raw, authentic chapter in my life, a testament to the resilience of the human spirit in the face of adversity. If you've read this far, I thank you for taking the time to hear my story, and if you can donate, I am forever grateful.

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