The First Stop Smoking Biosensor and Platform in the World

The First Stop Smoking Biosensor and Platform in the World

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The world's first pocket-sized biosensor that detects nicotine addiction and tobacco usage biochemically is now available online via Kickstarter. It is called IntelliQuit. 

IntelliQuit, The First Stop Smoking Biosensor

IntelliQuit gives smokers meaningful information to encourage positive behavior change, much like a weight scale and calorie counter do for dieters. With only one expired breath, IntelliQuit enables smokers to examine their smoking habits from a biochemical standpoint and provides a deeper knowledge of tobacco use and addiction. 

Cigarette counting alone is insufficient. Due to the well-known "compensatory smoking" phenomenon, each smoker's nicotine intake from each cigarette might vary greatly. For instance, increasing the number of puffs per cigarette, inhaling more smoke, and retaining the smoke in the lungs longer may increase nicotine intake by two to three times. Giving the smokers this information may boost their motivation to quit and the number of smokers who do so.

IntelliQuit’s Kickstarter Campaign

Less than 6% of Americans who try to stop smoking on a daily basis on average succeed on their own. The CEO of IntelliQuit, Matthew Bars, MS, CTTS, said that the Kickstarter crowdsourcing effort would provide the company the impetus to create a better solution to empower America's 46 million smokers. This is a positive trend for the country that crosses many industries. Recently, two casinos in Connecticut received praise from a group of AC casino workers for respecting their prohibition on smoking.

Mr. Bars stated that the business not only created a product and service that works, but it's also enjoyable. After the campaign is over, backers may get incentives like the mobile apps "Smoke the Zombies" and "Crushin' Cigarettes."  According to academic research, the Crushin' Cigarettes game enhances quit rates by 300% and decreases smoking by boosting motivation and learning.

Beyond the IntelliQuit platform and mobile games, the company is providing crowdfunding backers with fun and awesome gifts, like t-shirts, mugs, exercise trousers, and smartphone covers with the IntelliQuit 'Blow on This' tagline and kissable red lips. One special feature is SDK access, which enables game designers to create original games utilizing the code of the mobile app and information on smokers' biochemical and behavioral characteristics. The 'Blow on This' exercise trousers, which cost $69 and highlight IntelliQuit's expired breath capabilities by including the lipstick-red lips, are also available for the backers. The tobacco business has historically utilized sexuality to market cigarettes and addiction, even if it may be offensive. The opposite of disease is freedom, and the opposite of addiction is health.  Here’s the link to the crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter.

Mr. Bars and the company's chief medical officer, Victor Marchione, MD, FCCP, have been treating smokers for a combined 60 years. Mr. Bars is a board-certified tobacco treatment expert and the director of the New York City Fire Department's tobacco treatment program.  The New York City Fire Department's smoking prevalence has decreased by more than 70% after September 11, 2001.  Internal and pulmonary medicine are both board-certified by Dr. Marchione. 

According to Dr. Marchione, the company has taken the lessons learned from dealing with smokers over the last three decades and helped tens of thousands stop and used the strength of mobile health and smartphone technology to leverage this expertise. Smokers are trying to quit, and IntelliQuit can support them. 

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