The most valuable stock on the market

The most valuable stock on the market

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One stock can be worth thousands or even hundreds of thousands of dollars. One such store can buy houses, cars, and even yachts.

Investors are always attracted to expensive stocks and growing value- some focus on costly securities. Such high-priced stocks are considered safe and highly profitable in the market.

There are many strategies for working in the stock market. For example, someone buys stocks trading below their book value; another buys stocks with a high dividend yield; another buys stocks of growing companies that pay no dividends. Quite popular among investors is a method based on the absolute price of a stock. Some prefer stocks that are worth only a few cents. This method of earning adrenaline is comparable to gambling apps and casino games. Only it is possible to make as well as to lose much more. 

Others, on the contrary, focus on the most expensive securities on the market. Such stocks are thought to predominantly rise in price, although there is no convincing evidence that this theory is correct. So that's what we'll talk about today.

AutoZone Incorporated is $828 per share.

  • Capitalization $21 billion. 
  • Segment: auto parts retailer.

U.S. auto parts and related products company. It opened 6,000 stores in 49 states. It is the second-largest retailer of parts and accessories in the United States. The first is Advanced auto parts.

Cable One is $842 a share. 

  • The telecom company is engaged in providing telecom services and cable services.
  • Capitalization: $21 billion. 
  • Segment: communications services.

Cable One is the former Graham Holdings Company, which, until 2014, was majority owned by Warren Buffett's Berkshire Hathaway.

Cable One is the 7th largest cable telecom services company by market share. Its customer base of 800,000 subscribers in 21 states. The main focus areas are high-speed Internet access, cable TV, and wired telephony.

White Mountains - $854 per share. 

  • A group of companies from the insurance business. Provides casualty insurance and reinsurance services.
  • Capitalization: $2.72 billion. 
  • Sector: insurance.

  • It is a holding company that provides insurance, reinsurance, and investment solutions worldwide. 
  • Capitalization: $14.9 billion. 
  • Sector: Insurance.

Alphabet Inc. (Google) is $1075 a share.

  • The company's main areas of IT: are Internet advertising, search services, video hosting, operating systems, etc. About a third of the popular Internet services belong to the company's structures.
  • Capitalization: $730.45 billion. 
  • Sector: IT.

The holding company also includes startups involved in developing unmanned delivery, augmented and virtual reality, biotechnology, artificial intelligence, and other technologies of the next 50.

In the 21st century, Amazon's popularity skyrocketed thanks to low prices, fast delivery, and a wide range of products. According to various estimates, the company now employs about 647,500 people, has more than $162 billion in assets, and has an annual turnover of about $232 billion.

Amazon is the third-largest public company worldwide and the largest U.S. retailer by market capitalization. The brainchild of Bezos, along with Google, Apple and Facebook, are often referred to as the four horsemen of the technology industry.

Amazon stock is one of the most popular among investors. 

Only 46 analysts recommend buying shares of Amazon, and only three gave the paper of the retailer rating "hold." The consensus guideline was $1622, 24% higher than the current share price.

Lindt & Spruengli AG.

  • Share price: about $86,500.
  • Capitalization: about $20 billion

Swiss chocolate and confectionery manufacturer Lindt & Spruengli is on our list. It is especially famous for its chocolate figures: Easter bunnies, Christmas reindeer and bears, Santa, and snowmen.

The company has existed since 1836, beginning as a confectionery store of David Sprüngli & Son. But after a series of acquisitions, it has become one of the most successful companies in the world.

Lindt & Spruengli owns five major global chocolate companies, including Russell Stover Candies, the maker of the famous Whitman brand. The Swiss firm acquired it in 2014 for $1.5 billion. Lindt & Spruengli also owns more than 410 branded stores and cafes worldwide.

The Priceline Group Inc. - $1,723 a share. 

  • The group is a leading global player in travel services. Services include lodging reservations, shipping, package tours, airline ticket sales, car rentals, and more. You may have yet to hear of this company, but you know is their most popular service.
  • Capitalization: $79.8 billion. 
  • Sector: Travel services.

NVR Inc. - $2468 per share. 

  • The company builds houses (usually single-family homes) and mortgages. During its work, it has built houses for 365,000 customers in 15 states.
  • Capitalization: $ 8.7 billion.
  • Segment: Construction and mortgage
  • The company's primary income is the construction of tiny, single-family detached homes and mortgages.

NVR does business through three subsidiaries, NVHomes, Rymarc Homes, and Heartland Homes. Since its founding in 1980, it has built homes for 365,000 customers in 15 states, mainly on the East Coast.

Seaborn Corporation at $3,680 per share. 

  • Seaborn is a diversified holding company with operations in agriculture and shipping worldwide. In the U.S., the company is engaged in hog farming and ocean shipping.
  • Capitalization $4.1 billion. 
  • Segment: Transportation & Agriculture.

Seaboard Corporation is a multinational conglomerate operating in the agriculture and shipping sectors in several industries. The main areas of activity are pork and sugar production, food trade, shipping, and energy.

Berkshire Hathaway Inc. - $296 900. 

  • The company is inextricably associated with the legendary investor Warren Buffett. The issuer belongs to the segment of insurers. However, it is a diversified investment holding company. A solar power and gas transportation firm are among the company's subsidiaries. The investment arm aggregates public assets in relatively high proportions. Some of Berkshire's best-known investments in public support for a long time are Coca-Cola and Wells Fargo.
  • Capitalization $500.18 billion. 
  • Segment: insurance, finance, railroads, etc.

As we can see, among the 10 companies represented, there are three giants in capitalization. These are popular and reliable companies, some of which are considered growth stories in new industries. Overall, it should be noted that high absolute stock prices correlate with the scale of the companies. Of the ten issuers, only two have capitalizations below $5 billion. In other words, that imaginary idea that expensive stocks predominantly rise in price is due to trivial coincidence and the particularity of a particular sample.

While what is essential is the capitalization of the company, which, when paired with other financial metrics, determines the relative value of the business, the absolute price of a single stock still makes certain adjustments to the investment case. Berkshire Hathaway stock is inaccessible to retail investors because of its high cost. It is not in demand among daytime speculators and high-frequency traders. A closed club with a high entry threshold. It can have a favorable effect on the stock price chart and investors' nerves.

But Berkshire Hathaway has a second type of stock (BRK-b), which costs about $200 and is also traded.

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