The Various Forms of Online Gaming: Genres

The Various Forms of Online Gaming: Genres

From Aaron Abbott

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Online games have been quite a fad for the past couple of decades or so, and anything which is targeted to a wide audience is bound to have division based on choice. As people’s tastes have evolved, the graphics and the genres of these games have been evolving too.

There are various genres online games provide us, here are a few of them which you should definitely go check out.

Action RPG

Action games have been the center of attention ever since online games have been in trend. This involves shooter games, various role-playing games (RPG), and various elements of adventure stories mixed into one game. It’s not rare to find gameplays of such games over YouTube or Twitch, they have the allure of letting the player perform actions which they are not advised to do in real life.

Action and adventure games often involve extensive stories (which nowadays almost every game has), various cutscenes, and a variety of options and power-ups the player can scroll through, to make their character as strong as possible. They can be quite challenging at times and very immersive, but not as much as the next genre; Puzzle and Strategy.

Puzzle and Strategy

Puzzle and Strategy games have been some of the most immersive and mentally challenging games the online gaming trend has brought to us. Involving extensive world-building and new challenges on every level, it’s bound to rise to the top of the gaming charts for sure. It can be seen quite frequently too, various gaming charts involve 2-3 puzzle games in the top 5 games of the year or so.

Puzzle games involve the use of logic or trivia to allow the player to progress forward, or is an infinite loop of the same action until the player loses or achieves a certain score. Retro games like Pac-Man or Tetris are great examples of puzzle games that have been successfully adapted to their online versions and are famous among the current generation and will remain preserved for the eras to come.


Sports have been a part of our culture long before online games were introduced. People should go out and play some games or visit Saudi Arabia casinos if they’re looking for a sport called gambling. But with the advent of a deadly virus that has caused worldwide chaos and quarantine, online sports have taken off as a widely accepted genre. This includes online basketball games (Like NBA but for consoles), football (Like FIFA, but for consoles), and so forth.

These games are usually multiplayer, which causes a sense of competitiveness that can be felt in real sports too. After all, online sports are all about creating the situation which we are used to in real life, but virtually.


Online games have been picking up pace, and for a rightful reason at that. They can be immersive to the player or be so out of the world that it feels right. They can be the perfect escape from any stress you feel and can be the cause of your stress when you play them competitively. It’s up to you how you want to treat them. You’ll always find games that suit your tastes; the Internet is a huge place, after all.

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