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Hello my name is Carla I'm try to help my sister and her family I pray for them everyday so someone on YouTube said to try this site for help so I'm doing so I'm putting my faith and giving this a shot now back to my story I have watched them struggle and make a way and the situation is just said to the point I went and visit them 10/2023 and I saw how they was living my sister and her kids are confined to one room the bathroom only has a toilet because the bathtub is not fixed yet and the kids have to use this restroom kids can't even take a bath I just feel so bad especially when the holidays are coming it's so bad that they can't even put up a tree for the kids and they have one vehicle and her husband takes the vehicle and goes out of town about 500 mile to go to work and the car they have keeps breaking down over heating and my sister don't have a car at all so they be in there weeks and weeks without even having a way to the store or anything it brings tears to my eyes now they was smart by buying a fixer upper but they can't live properly in it most the rooms in the house aren't fixed so they just in one room but they have no type of help we have family but no one willing to help If I had it I would give them what ever they needed I mostly feel bad for the children when I left they didn't want me to go they cried they are 4 and 6 they are so precious a boy and a girl I wouldn't want no one to go neither if i'm stuck in a room all day everyday but they doing there best and she tries to order food it takes 4-5 hours just to order on Instacart but they live in the mountains far from a city it takes a delivery person to travel about 50 miles to get to them to deliver to them so I'm coming to Just Giving to help me help them Thank you in advance and god bless everyone that helps.

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