They stole my dogs my business and my future. Help!

They stole my dogs my business and my future. Help!

From Flip Carlsward

I'm raising money for legal representation. I'm not trying to get anything that isn't mine I only want what was taken from me. On May 5th 2023 I was illegally evicted costing me thousands my business my puppies my life

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On May 5th the property that I had lived at for the last 3 years with my mother who has dementia and my stepfather who I recently caught cheating on my mother and scamming her money he sold the property out from under me despite the fact that I had just invested my entire inheritance into the property thousands I had a business of woodworking business where I built porch swings and spent the time with my mother dementia at this point was overwhelmingly strong the people that bought my brother bought the property from my parents told me that they would help me despite the fact that my stepfather had told him a bunch of Lies I had a building of my own rent to own that I was two three months ahead of payments I had a woodworking business where I had thousands of dollars worth of tools I had a female dog who just had puppies the first time in my life I was able to do something for my mother and this remodel she was proud of me and just like that everything was taken from me the people signed the deed and immediately called told me that they were going to have me arrested for trespassing and burn all my stuff despite my pleas for for peaceful resolution that I would leave it didn't matter every day was worse soon find out that the sheriff's department Dale County Sheriff's Department would be involved and used as a pawn or a tool to get me off the property illegally due to a family friend who's a deputy sheriff I was harassed daily despite the fact that I was telling them I'm willingly leaving I don't want this problem I'm just invested in probably 30 to $40,000 into the home was told I was going to be able to live there forever then I found out my stepfather was cheating how did this all happen. On May 7th I was handed a handwritten eviction letter from the new owners in the presence of the Dale County Sheriff's Department I kindly accepted and told them that I would be out within the next few days every day the past I was harassed by the sheriff's department for no reason I was leaving I told him that I never gave anybody no problems I never threatened anyone I never tried to stop them from buying the property it wasn't their fault that my stepfather what scum on May 9th I finally found somewhere to go I paid $500 lot rent at a RV Park in Enterprise and I had paid a flatbed towing service to $500 to tow my building to this property I'm in upon payment of $1,000 total I went I went back to the property to begin packing and moving my stuff and getting ready for transport time arrival and let my dogs out of the truck and I was immediately confronted by the police sheriff's department they had been there every day harassing me so I didn't think nothing of it that's when they informed me they had a warrant for my arrest I asked him for what they wouldn't tell me I asked him if I had a bond they wouldn't tell me they wouldn't let me lock my building they wouldn't let me get my puppies up I instructed the sheriff's department please give the puppies to the neighbors until I get out I got money on me for Bond I'll be out this is wrong I didn't do nothing to nobody my truck windows were left down doors unlocked door to my building unlocked with $30,000 worth of woodworking tools my puppy's running around and I'm on my way to jail for something that I did not do I was in jail for 13 hours I was never booked in properly I was never read my rights I was never fingerprinted I never even took my picture I never saw it judge I was hoping for 13 hours until finally I flying down the right Officer and they looked at my phone and realized that this was wrong I was in released on bond that I had to pay an instructed not to go back to the property despite the fact that that's my home and that was against the law I then tried to track down my building in my truck I had my truck had been repoed my building had been repoed despite the fact that it should have never been removed on the property because it was illegal state Alabama you are not allowed to self evict anyone self-help eviction only the courts can decide I had every right to be there I had already beaten and thinking when my stepfather had tried to evict me why because I had just invested thousands of dollars into the property under the pretense that I was always going to be able to live there now these people within 13 hours had burned all my stuff stolen $3,000 solar panels set up destroyed my woodworking tools I had to track down my building I finally found it upon arrival I noticed that the windows and the doors were wide open to my building as I walked inside everything was destroyed most of it was missing I think called 911 I wanted to I wanted to press charges for theft and vandalism and illegal eviction and I wanted to go get my puppies the same officer who's the friend of the family arrived on scene and instructed me that he could not go get my puppies and there was nothing he could do but it was a civil matter I didn't that I know my rights and it is not a civil matter and I want to go get my puppies and then told me that I need to go back to Florida before I get hurt just cut my losses it's when I realize that it needs a friend of the family of the people who bought the property since then I I've been homeless the charges were fake I was arrested for charges of harassing Communications I lived on the Street Homeless for a month waiting on court I finally got to court my day in court all my evidence presented ready to go to trial and show how this had been an injust and illegal matter from the get- go the state asked me how I plan I said not guilty I want to go to trial the state then replied or we don't want to pursue charges I then stated well what about the thousands of dollars that I lost what about my puppies that have been stolen what about all my tools my business what about me being homeless last month and a half and now I'm still homeless they tell me that's a civil matter and not for them to decide since then I have called millions and millions of lawyers and because that's not slipping phone where there's a paid right away they need money up front I can't get no help I've lost everything

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