This are The 6 Crucial Pointers for a Lovely Vanity Design.

This are The 6 Crucial Pointers for a Lovely Vanity Design.

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With all the attention to detail apparent in the design and decoration of one’s home,

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With all the attention to detail apparent in the design and decoration of one’s home, it is good to direct that same level of sensitivity to design details when it comes to the interior of the bathroom. What can initially seem to be a simple and straightforward task, is eventually revealed to be one that is mired in the minutiae of the various functions and fixtures that need to be carefully planned out before any work can begin. Out of all these, the bathroom vanity is often positioned as the central and focal element in a bathroom interior. To ease this selection, you will find listed below tips to help you select the best possible bathroom vanities in Dubai.

1.Complementary finishes

In recent trends, bathroom vanities have emerged with a wide range of finishes and materials. It is important to keep the overall aesthetic of your entire space at the forefront of your mind during the selection process. This will ensure that the final selection will have a material that complements the various surface finishes present in the bathroom, such as the wall and floor.

For instance, in a bathroom with beige tiles, you may want to complement the warmth of the tile with a wooden finish for your vanity. Similarly, for a gray tiled space, you can opt for something with cooler undertones like marble or granite.

To explore the range of available materials for bathroom vanities in Dubai, browse through our catalog to find the article that best compliments your space.

2.Well positioned lights

An oftenoverlooked aspect of a bathroom interior is the lighting. Instead of leaving it as an afterthought, the lighting design should be carried out with sensitivity and intention. The placement of fixtures, the intensity and direction of light provided, the balance of natural and artificial, are just some of the aspects that should be taken into consideration.

As an example, you can introduce ceiling fixtures to provide ambient lighting that evenly distributes through the space. Task lighting can be specifically focused around the vanity, where it can be controlled to aid in tasks like applying makeup, or shaving. Accent lighting, through the use of well-placed fixtures, can heighten the aesthetic effect of the interior and help to highlight the bathroom vanity.

Our catalog of projects can help provide inspiration for how to use lighting as a design element for vanities in Qatar.

3.Attention to detail

Generally, bathrooms operate in a limited constraint of available space. In such a situation, each and every detail should be well designed so the overall space functions seamlessly as a cohesive whole. This can be achieved by paying attention to the smallest of details in the bathroom interior. For a bathroom vanity, this can translate into ensuring that the joinery details and overall manufacturing of the vanity is top-notch.

Additional touches of detail can be introduced as decorative flourishes. For example, the selection of a bathroom vanity set, or a small potted plant, can alter the aesthetic of the interior. The selection of this décor will depend on the design language of your overarching space. For a modern interior, you will want to keep your décor simple and minimal, but for a more eclectic look, you can experiment with a variety of colors and textures.

4. Fixtures and fittings

When discussing bathroom vanities, the most important aspect is the fixtures and fittings that will eventually come to adorn the space as a consistently used, hence highly visible, design element.

The choice of fixtures should align with your overall design scheme. For instance, a modern space can be complemented by sleek fixtures in a chrome finish, whereas for a more classical approach, you can opt for something with a vintage touch such as a brass finish. For the fixtures that go on top of vanities, aesthetics should go hand in hand with functional considerations, to ensure ease of use. To explore some of the finest samples of fixtures for vanities in Abu Dhabi, head over to our product catalogs.

5.Add storage

The measure of a bathroom vanity’s contribution to a bathroom interior is not in small part due to its functionality. With this in mind, it is a wise choice to maximize functionality by introducing storage cabinets within the structure of the vanity.

Depending on the design and style, storage cabinets and shelving can be accommodated within the bathroom vanity. Additionally, lighting can be used to visually enhance the shelving and to transform them into a point of focus.

For the best possible storage solution, consider opting for a bespoke solution. To explore the possibilities offered in the form of a custom bathroom vanity in Dubai, contact us to get a design consultation.

6.Appropriate color palette

The various components that combine to make a bathroom vanity, i.e., the counter, the lower cabinets, and the fixtures, all of these elements are available in a range of different colors and finishes. To arrive at a vanity design that looks like a cohesive whole, it is vital that the overall color palette be one that works well together. Going a step further, the color palette of the vanity should align with that of the bathroom as a whole.

An easy trick to do this is to match the undertones of the colors, so warm toned colors will complement each other when used in a palette, and the same is true for cool toned colors.


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