To feed and help the needy

To feed and help the needy

From Ahmad Jawaid

Tfund raising for the needy now a days due to Corona. Some peole and families dont even get food two times a day. I want to help needy and hunger. I want to help the people who do not sleep hunger in now a days due to...

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I am looking for Funders to fund for the needy. 

Struggle for Survival:

Pakistan, like many countries around the globe has imposed a nationwide lockdown to prevent the spread of the Coronavirus.

Due to a lack of national resources and federal reserves, low-income households in Pakistan have been hit particularly hard and are experiencing hardship. Most poor people in Pakistan had already struggled to make ends meet prior to the pandemic and now the lockdown situation has further exacerbated their struggle to survive and feed their families. Before the outbreak, 

26% of Pakistan’s population (55 million people)

 were living below the poverty line.

 This number is expected to double as a result of COVID-19

. Many people earn their meals on a daily basis, which means if they can’t work in the morning, they can’t eat in the afternoon

The longer the lockdown lasts, the longer people will struggle to feed their loved ones. While social distancing and staying at home measures are beneficial for the overall public health of the country, we must look to ensure that the underprivileged segment of our society does not go to bed hungry.

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