Top 5 Benefits of Upgrading to a Laser Projector

Top 5 Benefits of Upgrading to a Laser Projector

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Laser projectors are the latest display technology and can provide many benefits over conventional projection technology. Discover the top five benefits of upgrading to a compact or high-end laser projector, along with tips to help you select the best projector for any display environment.

Better Color Accuracy

Laser projectors can display colors with better accuracy than conventional projectors. The leading laser projector models have a wider color gamut and specialized systems to allow for the display of natural and realistic colors. Whether you choose a compact small room projector or high-end auditorium projector, you can expect a superior color display from a laser projector.

The PJ 6600 Series of projectors feature NCE natural color gain technology and advanced RGB adjustment. WUXGA chips enable these models to cover more than 97% of Rec.709 color gamut range. Selectable GAMMA types round out the color reproduction features of these high-end projectors. 

Safer for Your Eyes

Projector technology uses optics to scatter tight beam lasers and distribute light across a display area. This indirect light can be safer for your eyes than looking at backlit screen displays for prolonged periods of time. 

You should avoid looking directly into the lens of a laser projector. These light sources are significantly more powerful than other consumer-grade lasers, such as laser pointers. It is easy to set up and use a laser projector without any risk of direct exposure to the beam 

Reliable Operation

Laser projectors can be much more reliable than conventional projection technology. Every compact and high end projector model can allow for maintenance-free operation for up to 20,000 hours. 

High-end laser projectors feature advanced light sources with multi-module designs. The laser beam in these models originates from several diodes. Should one diode malfunction, the projector can still provide a relatively undiminished level of brightness.

Adjustable Screen Sizing

You can use compact or auditorium projectors to project images at any size from 30 inches up to 300 inches. The brightness and display quality of high-end and compact projector models differs, but the screen size range is the same, much like the page sizes supported by compact printer or larger printer models. In addition to adjusting the size of a display, you can also use an included remote to access display adjustment and correction settings.

Laser projectors in the PJ 6600 Series allow for lens shift and motorized zoom as well as horizontal and vertical keystone correction, four corner and six point correction, grid and geometric correction. The compact PJ WXL5860 and PJ WUL5860 models support vertical lens shift and allow for built-in four corner correction and keystone adjustment.

More Projection Possibilities

Laser projectors allow for a wide range of display possibilities. You can adjust display size or set up picture-in-picture or picture-by-picture displays with a single projector. The built-in edge blending feature of high-end laser projectors makes it possible to increase the size of the projection area by combining the function of two units. Whether you upgrade to a compact or high-end model, any laser projector can offer benefits that surpass the capabilities of conventional projectors.

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