Top 5 Tech Ideas For Your Next Fundraising

Top 5 Tech Ideas For Your Next Fundraising

From Zain Liaquat

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The landscape of the events industry is evolving, with technological advancements transforming event management. In the nonprofit sector, technology has become integral, from donation collection to donor management. To stay ahead in the game, incorporating cutting-edge tech solutions in your fundraising events is crucial. Here are the top 5 tech ideas to elevate your next fundraising event.


Mobile Event App:

In the age of smartphones, leveraging a mobile event app can revolutionize your fundraising event. These apps streamline information, placing it directly in the hands of your supporters. Features such as event agendas, donation forms, live polls, and gamification elements enhance donor engagement. Furthermore, incorporating digital ticketing processes within the app simplifies attendee logistics. Pathable’s guide to event app providers is a valuable resource for selecting the right app for your event.


Event Microsite:

A dedicated event microsite serves as a focused hub for all information related to your fundraising event. Unlike your main website, the microsite is tailored specifically for the event, preventing essential details from getting lost. Key tips include targeted messaging, comprehensive event information, adherence to web design best practices, and a prominent call-to-action for donations. Maintaining the microsite year-round for recurring events adds ongoing value to your supporters.


Multi-Channel Marketing Strategy:

Reach a diverse audience effectively by employing a multi-channel marketing strategy. As communication methods evolve, utilizing various mediums such as email newsletters, social media, direct mail, and bulletin boards becomes imperative. Start marketing well in advance, tailor your strategy to the platforms most used by your donors, and create engaging, shareable content. A well-executed multi-channel approach ensures maximum engagement leading up to the event.


Social Fundraising Methods:

Integrate popular social fundraising methods with your live events to expand your reach. Peer-to-peer fundraising, pledge fundraising, crowdfunding, and challenge fundraisers offer diverse ways for supporters to contribute. These methods complement different stages of your event, from pre-event fundraising efforts to activities during and after the event. Social fundraising not only raises funds but also enhances the interconnectivity among supporters.


Collect Digital Donations On-Site:

Adapt to the cashless trend by enabling on-site digital donations. Optimize your online donation form for easy smartphone access, and share the link in your marketing communications. Utilize point-of-sale devices and dedicated tablets with your donation form preloaded to provide convenient options for card donors. Embracing digital donations ensures that you capture contributions from a broader audience, considering the prevalence of cashless transactions.




The events industry has witnessed significant success through the integration of event technology. It's high time for the nonprofit sector to embrace these advancements in their fundraising events. By incorporating mobile event apps, dedicated microsites, multi-channel marketing, social fundraising methods, and on-site digital donations, your next fundraising event can not only meet expectations but exceed them. Stay ahead of the curve, leverage technology, and ensure the success of your fundraising initiatives.

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