Top 6 best card games at Sun win - don't miss it

Top 6 best card games at Sun win - don't miss it

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If you like to go to SunWin to play online card games, you absolutely should not miss the following top 6. Today we will introduce to you in detail information about the 8 hottest exchange card games that any bettor should participate in.

General information about Sun win - a reputable reward exchange game portal

Bookmaker Sunwin launched a long time ago and is one of the most popular online reward exchange websites today. Although there are many products, Sunwin invests heavily in sports, slot machines, fish shooting and card games. Among them, card games have many good games that attract the attention of bettors to participate every day.

Coming to Sunwin means coming to a reputable, highly secure card game playground with a series of daily, weekly, monthly incentives...If you have ever played games here, you know. that the website interface is extremely beautiful, the website runs smoothly both on computers and phones. At the same time, good and classy game quality is also a factor that creates the attraction of this famous green nine bookmaker. So, don't miss the opportunity to become a member of Sunwin.

Top 6 best card games at Sun win

If you want to play the Sun Win card game, please find out information about the top 8 hot games below to experience it soon!

Tien Len Mien Nam is a good game for all bettors.

Tien Len Mien Nam at Sunwin is a popular online prize exchange card game in many places. This game uses Western cards like other online card games. When participating in Tien Len Mien Nam, bettors will need to pay attention to the suit of the card, because the values ​​of diamonds, hearts, spades, and diamonds will be different. Spades are the weakest suit and hearts are considered the strongest suit.

Normally, each game of Tien Len Mien Nam has about 2 to 4 players participating. While playing, if a bettor plays all the cards first, that bettor will win and receive a huge bonus. Note that the turn to play cards will run clockwise.

Anyone who likes to play cards will know this game. Sam Loc game is also an extremely hot card game with simple rules so it is very popular. This game also allows up to 4 participants, at least 2 new players can start. The game Sam Loc Sunwin has many rounds, in the first round, each bettor is dealt 10 cards to take turns playing.

According to Sam Loc's rules, in the first game, whoever has the smallest card will be the first to play. In the next game, whoever wins will go first. To play this game, you should learn a few terms such as four quarters, sam co, junk card, dragon hall, ...

Bettors can enjoy Poker online after work to have fun.

Any bookmaker has online Poker games because this is an extremely hot card game. Poker game is also considered by many directors as inspiration to make movies. Every day, countless bettors come to Sunwin to play online Poker and earn huge income. This game has been around for a long time, is popular in Europe, America and now with Sunwin, the game is known even in Asia.

When playing Poker, bettors can participate with many people, up to 10 people per game. At the same time, the house will have a dealer to deal cards and have real cameras to help you feel like you are in a real casino.

Blackjack is a good card game that Sun Win is confident will make bettors satisfied. This game uses cards and scoring to determine who is the winner. Regarding the rules of the game, Blackjack is similar to Baccarat but the benchmarks are different. In this game, 21 is the standard score and if the player has a higher score, he loses. This is a very good entertaining game, there are also many tables at Sunwin so please try to participate to enjoy the feeling of playing a classy casino.

Baccarat is a hot game at Sun win

Baccarat game is the hottest card game at Sunwin and also the most popular card game for many bettors. This game's rules are simple, the convention is to calculate the points of each card and then add them up to determine wins and losses.

With Baccarat, the standard score will be 9 so the gameplay is easier than Blackjack. The cards count from 1 to 10 points, 1 point is A, 10 points are J, Q K, and card 10; Other cards count according to the number on that card. Baccarat has dozens of tables and also many good versions for bettors to explore every day. Therefore, you should not miss this game but should visit Sunwin to bet today.

Phom is a very good and very popular game at Sun Win game portal. So how does Phom play and which deck of cards does he use? To play this card game, you also use 52 cards and also calculate points based on each card. However, Phom calculates points differently from Baccarat in that K is 13 points, Q and J are 12 and 11 points respectively.

Each game of Phom begins and the dealer deals the players 9 cards. The first player will have 10 cards and play each card one by one. When a player takes a card, he must play another card to ensure he has 9 cards in his hand. If you can create a set of 3 or 4,... then the possibility of winning is very large.


If you play the above 6 prize-winning card games, bettors will freely enjoy the hot card game. At Sun win there are many good games, you guys can gradually explore them every day.

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