Toxic mold poisoning

Toxic mold poisoning

From Angela Little

To relocate to a better environment to be able to detox from the mold poisoning and start getting healthy.

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I'm really in desperate need of some assistance .I have to relocate immediately and have no means to do so. I am suffering from toxic mold poisoning from the apartment complex that I live in.i actually am having kidney problems right now and that is one of the side effects of the toxic mold infection.I actually have two toxic mold infections penicillium infection and a fusarium infection.

And those were the toxic molds found in my apartment .

Unfortunately the health department has not been able to assist me.

I have been unable to work due to several medical conditions. I've tried but I either have kidney stones or fungal infections of my hands that spread to my face because of the masks.

And when it's on my face it goes in my mouth and in my throat and my tongue.

I've lost several toenails due to the fungal infections on my feet and makes it hard to wear shoes.

The infections are now internal and are wreaking havoc with my organs.

I'm also suffering from horrible cognitive impairment and memory loss.

Unfortunately I have learned that this damage could be permanent.

The skin lesions all over my body are painful horribly ugly and have left me scarred.

Recently diagnosed with cataracts in both eyes never had problems with my eyes before moving here.

I had a mold test done . There were several molds found two in which are toxic.

I literally am in dire need.

And rarely have days of clarity.

I need to relocate immediately to a clean healthy environment to start a mold detox protocol. I was told I had to leave everything behind ,so I will have nothing.

I will need everyday items such as clothing,food, furniture and basic personal Care items.

2020 has been the worst year of my life.

If it wasn't bad enough my 30-year marriage ended.. that's why I had to relocate to this apartment.

Any help would be much appreciated at this time. Hopefully I can get what I need to get back on my feet and be able to pay this forward. God bless you for reading my ad.

And please remember mold is a serious issue take caution and precaution.

I have posted pictures and screenshots I didn't want to post anything to upsetting.

I posted the mold analysis .Also the petri dish of the mold that was actually the third day when the photo was taken.

The one picture is of my lesions.

The other photos are of the mold in my apartment the mold is actually everywhere it covers my furniture it has actually soaked up in my bed.

The mold is spewing out my heaters the one photo is the heater the other photo is the curtains and the wall next to the heater

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