We need some help

We need some help

From Lisa Riehl

I am raising money because my fiance and I need some help starting over in a new city after almost losing him earlier this year due to what we are told is simply asthma, except it isn't so simple

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I met Shaun 7 years ago, he took me and my kids in when I didn't have anyone or anywhere to go. In the last 4years or so he has developed a breathing problem that I still cannot explain to this day. The hospital says it's asthma and something as small as dust can trigger it. So we take all the necessary precautions to keep him from having an attack and yet they still happen the last one was just like any other time only this time when I took him to the er they wouldn't allow me in the back with him which they always do. They wouldn't give me any info about his status over the phone and it was a fight everyday to get in to see him the first morning in there I learned he was in a medically induced coma which I knew right away was unnecessary. He just needed some oxygen not to be placed on a ventilator with a tube to breathe for him for an extended AmountT of time. God is good can u believe it he woke himself up well I woke him up but he pulled that tube out and walked out that nite after we were told we wouldn't be able to see each other again until they released him. Of course there's more to this story but there isn't enough space here. We decided to move out of Las Vegas, back to Sacramento where he is from. Most importantly where there is better air quality. As well as well honestly people that we thought would be able to help us get on our feet and help him get the medical attention he needs. The air quality is definitely better...so now we are here on the verge of being kicked out of the apt where we are living because there's just no more money. Our car was vandalized two days after we got here the battery cut out and fuses stolen it was left undrivable and to expensive to fix. Needless to say we are stranded and a couple hours away from being homeless. I've been looking for work , only without a car it's pretty difficult to even look as I don't even have enough money for a bus pass. I'm asking for the amount I'm asking for in the hopes that we can buy a car and have enough for the move in costs to move in to a new place plus be able to get some food and clothing. Possibly be able to wash clothes in a washer and dryer not in our bathtub. All the things most of us take for granted because they seem like things that would be hard NOT to have. Well I'm here to say they are not easy to get from nothing. So please help us, with anything you can spare it will ALL go to good use and won't be for nothing. Once we are back on our feet even just a little bit I know we will be okay from that point on. We will be able to maintain a job and pay our rent and make it to dr.'s appointments start paying these medical bills and then finally GET MARRIED so they can NEVER shut me out the way they did at Spring Valley Hospital in Las Vegas, Nv did. (And) we can always protect each other in the event anything like that happens to either one of us again. Thank you for your time and help, may you and your families be blessed always

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