Ultimate Guide to Hiring a Top-Notch Salesforce Developer

Ultimate Guide to Hiring a Top-Notch Salesforce Developer

From Kazim Kabir

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Do you know Salesforce is widely used by more than 150,000 users worldwide in today's industry? So, it's no more shocking why so many people are choosing Salesforce as their career path. There is a huge increase in search rates for "how to become a salesforce developer". Every business strives to offer excellent customer experience, and Salesforce does that. Because it enables companies to create apps that provide personalized experiences to each customer, Salesforce has had the biggest influence in the business-to-consumer (B2C) space.  

However, hiring the right salesforce developer is the biggest concern these days. If you want to boost your business and efficiency through high-quality customer relationship management, then you must Hire Salesforce developer that fits into your organisation's role in every aspect.

This article is about the expert guide to hiring the best salesforce person to run a business like fire. Keep on reading till the end.

Look for these things when you hire salesforce developer

       Proper resume screening

You should be specific about what qualities you are looking for. You might receive many applicants' resumes, but here comes the real challenge: finding a gem from a bunch of talent pools is the real task for recruiters. Give priority to certified salesforce developers as they are more trained and qualified. Before hiring a Salesforce developer, it is usually a good idea to seek a Salesforce certification. Nothing beats a potential resource receiving certification from the platform that they are suitably trained to accomplish Salesforce activities.

       Asses technical skills(technical screening)

A salesforce developer is supposed to deal with technical concepts and object-oriented programming language. Ideally, you should look for a salesforce developer who is familiar with tools and technologies like Fuel, Lightning App Builder, Force.com, Heroku, and others. 

If you simply want to know if they have an idea about tools and other technologies or not, you can also ask the developer about using declarative solutions and writing code. Declarative can sometimes be a better option than developing and maintaining code. If he/she is a professional Salesforce developer, he/she would be knowledgeable enough to know which alternative to choose.

       Analytical and communication skills

Analytical skill is important in every job, not only in salesforce job. You must look for a candidate who has a sharp presence of mind and understands the concept better. In a salesforce job, it is generally about the understanding of design/code. So, tests meant to assess a candidate's analytical ability might thus play an essential role in determining the selection.

Other than this, whichever sector you go, teamwork is the key to success. A salesforce developer is supposed to deal with the entire team and communicate effectively, and this requires good communication skills. A candidate should be able to articulate not only the technical but also the functional aspects of the project.

       Look at their creative and problem-solving side

Every project comes with a unique problem each day. Salesforce developer deals with various bugs and errors on a daily basis, so, basically, this can be a little brainstorming and frustrating job sometimes. So, you should look for a candidate who is calm and smart enough to fix the issues with team collaboration rather than messing with the project.

In addition, he/she needs to be creative as the job will include building real-life solutions for customers and many more. Creativity and problem-solving qualities will be a huge plus when hiring a top-notch salesforce developer.

How do consulting companies help to get the top-notch salesforce developer?

       There is a huge talent pool of experts across the world; hence, it can be a daunting job to hire a suitable person for the company. But when you leave this job to consulting companies. They assist you at every level of the hiring process, making it easier and faster to select the best-suited talent.

       You can save time on the time-consuming hiring procedure because they already spend a significant amount of time pre-vetting the profiles of Salesforce engineers.

       They assist you with screening, interviewing, and onboarding applicants within the timeframe you choose.

       Salesforce development experts understand how to engage with your teams by leveraging their industry experience. As a consequence of a mix of bespoke app design and configuration, you get a more efficient Salesforce platform.

       You can find the expert under your budget and requirements without any struggle. As consulting companies do all the headache jobs for you, you can be at peace and make good decisions for your business.

       Other than this, if you have any specific requirement that you don't want a candidate with a gap, they also offer a free Gap Assessment, which analyses your specific demands for Salesforce developers and then assists you in evaluating talent to find the best match.


As there is a huge crowd moving towards salesforce jobs, there are so many choices available. But it's up to you what you hire for your organisation. Other than this, there are so many other factors to consider while hiring skilled salesforce experts, such as budget, job roles, experience, company needs,s and much more. Consider the above key points if you are looking to Hire Salesforce developer for your growing organisation. It's always better to invest in the right guy who is capable, experienced, and skilled enough to contribute to an organisation.

Hope you liked this article and found it useful to understand what you should look for while hiring the salesforce developer according to your organisation's needs. What are your views on hiring the right salesforce developer? Comment your suggestions on hiring the best salesforce expert in the comment box below.

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