Help Our Family Kickstart Our Future

Help Our Family Kickstart Our Future

From Paula Miedema

Please help us get a grasp on hardship with building an online business now, having our home foreclosure removed with a jumpstart helper, and providing much needed items to provide self-sufficiency.

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Help Our Family Kickstart Our Future

The life stories and opportunities giving/crowdfunding sites offer hope for success and stability. I also hope my family can find that here then build from it and in return, provide that generosity to others. 

1- Please help me build a very successful online business with covered costs for immediate profits to help us keep our home and progressively eliminate the mortgage and other financial hardships. I can't have my family live with his toxic parent and I am homeless. Your profits in the venture are important and worth your time and efforts in hopes we can negotiate to pay off what we need quickly. I can learn your ways and even open to ready-made profitable blogs and other sites and businesses. 

****2- Our foreclosure reversal needs are immediately needed  so they can be addressed so we are asking for a jump start of about $6000 to get us back in good graces over the next couple of months and my business can take over. My current online income covers most bills with food help. My daughter has virtual school and my injured husband has medical treatment.

3- My daughter and husband have a few necessities that we can take your item donations/ I can find inexpensive best deals on Amazon or other businesses for delivery to stretch funds.

a-For virtual school class meetings/academics and maintaining attention: three sets of soundproof curtains, a height adjustable laptop table to help improve posture, Centrum Focus gummies, and two dressers that don't leave wood shavings in the clothes (a headache). 

b-For my husband's spine treatment support at home: a thick cooling mattress pad and non-20+ year old mattress, Aspercreme roll-on medicine, a newer side by side washer and dryer set that actually works and won't break down in one year, and help to have someone maintain the yard a couple times a month until we can get the riding lawnmower fixed. 

My hopes are our vulnerability and truth, as we are not expecting our hard life choices to disappear; just give hope to help manage our endless efforts to make life work again. Sometimes life compounds the hardships and funds can offer knowledge and money growth to better ourselves with self-sufficiency. Giving is also receiving. We'd like to return the gratitude in the future. I work with students with disabilities and help with school and community projects that share my values with appreciation and strength. 

I can also provide proof the funds go where they are designated from this request for $10,000, which is a lot of money but it will be stretched.

Thank you,

Paula Miedema

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