Urgently need donation for rent bills and water

Urgently need donation for rent bills and water

From Svetlana Stankovic

I'm raising money to get out of debt. To pay off my bills and rent. Also my water pump broke down and I have no running water. I've lost my job because of the pandemic and I can't find another one

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Since epidemic started, I've lost my job and had to move to a village in a small house which is falling apart. I have no running water because the water pump is broken and I have no money to fix it. All the surrounding cities are in a lock down. 

We don't receive any kind of help from the state. 

I'm already late with electricity bills, phone bill, 2 month of rent, taxes. I can't even afford medical insurance. I have 2 dogs and first I buy food for them. 

I'm not asking for much, just enough to cover all my expenses so I can search for a descent place to live. 

To have running water to have a shower and wash my clothes and dishes. 

I'm applying for jobs every single day and searching like crazy, but as this epidemic is everywhere nobody is hiring. 

This is my last resort as I am truly afraid that I will end up on the street. 

My family is far away in another city and don't have the means to help me out. 

I don't remember in the past 5 months when I've eaten something else than bread, eggs or margarine. 

I'm dreaming of a night where I can lay in my bed with full stomach, clean house and a piece of mind, not worrying about where I'm going to live tomorrow. 

This is my PayPal page 


[email protected] 

I'm truly grateful to anyone that can help. ❤️

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