Using ChatGPT in Poker and Gambling

Using ChatGPT in Poker and Gambling

From Shareya Cristina

Can you use ChatGPT for gambling? In some ways, yes. However, you must still exercise caution. Read on, and we will tell you more!

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Can you use ChatGPT to help you make decisions when playing on sites like Vulkan Vegas casino? How about in games like poker, where you are playing against other people? The answer is overall: ChatGPT can provide a bit of guidance, especially if you are a beginner.

However, the chatbot is not a poker player and does not have the experience of gamblers. It can help you analyze games and tell you what strategy may work best. In this article, we will delve into the world of using ChatGPT in poker and other gambling games.

ChatGPT in Blackjack

Can you use this technology in blackjack? Yes, you can. What you can do is tell the chatbot your hand, and then the dealer’s hand. Next, ask ChatGPT what to do.

Should you hit, stand, double down, or buy insurance? ChatGPT, being an artificial intelligence, surely has access to what we call basic blackjack strategy. Instead of memorizing the basic blackjack strategy, all you need to do now is plug in your card/hand, and the AI will help you. 

One problem you will have here is that no matter how smart ChatGPT is, you cannot expect it to count cards. In addition, it does not know the blackjack variation you are playing. What we mean by this is that the chatbot does not know if your blackjack game uses four decks, eight decks, etc.

Even if you tell ChatGPT that you are playing eight decks, it cannot watch what is going on on your screen, and it is nearly impossible for you to tell the chatbot what cards have been dealt for each player (if you are playing live dealer games).

ChatGPT in Sports Betting

It is much more plausible to use AI to analyze sports betting, provided that the data available is complete and accurate. The problem with a chatbot is that, as of the time of its writing, it only has access to information up to 2022.

That is right. ChatGPT seemingly cannot access raw data in real time, especially scientific and factual data. Although it can browse the internet, what it has in its dataset of information is not enough. 

If so, the analysis is not going to be a reliable one. We suggest that you use ChatGPT to understand how sports betting works. Ask it to work out odds and explain the basic principles of sports betting. 

You can also ask the chatbot what it thinks about a fight, like boxing. The AI will then tell you what it knows about the fighters.

However, there is a big problem. The people behind ChatGPT seemingly do not want to be involved in gambling. Most of the time, the chatbot will only provide you with general information. It will not tell you who to bet on.

ChatGPT in Poker

Can you use the technology to play poker? Yes, you can. Many people made experiments about poker and ChatGPT. They found out that the chatbot has a thorough understanding of the game. What they did was input hands, starting positions, etc. Amazingly, it provided them with responses that were not so bad.

One problem they saw is that the GPT-4 variant is an aggressive poker player. As such, they do not recommend that you rely on the advice of the AI. Rather, use it to learn strategies and then validate these strategies later.

Is Using ChatGPT Dangerous to Gamblers?

In a way, ChatGPT can be misleading. After all, it is a robot. Although it is smart, it is not a human being who can factor in tells in poker, or card counting in blackjack. 

Here are some risks if you use the technology for gambling: 

  • It can take gambling risks you are not willing to take; after all, it has no money to stake.

  • Some versions of the chatbot do not have access to the internet; the creators must upload new data to this version to make it work better.

  • It has no access to real-time gambling or sports data; you need special software for that, and you must integrate that software with ChatGPT.

ChatGPT can help you do amazing things. However, do not ever forget that it is not human. It is also not a conscious sentient being. Truth be told, ChatGPT does not even know what it is saying.  

ChatGPT is useful if your goal is to learn how to play a game, and what best strategies to use when playing that game. However, it does not have live feeds of what is going on, so it is not a reliable source of information when it comes to current games.

Overall, we only recommend ChatGPT for gambling so you can reduce the time it takes to analyze gambling games and sports. However, you must still trust your experience when making decisions.

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