ThermaTec - complex for screening for breast cancer

ThermaTec - complex for screening for breast cancer

From Raymond Wilson

We propose a new method of early detection of neoplasms (screening) in the mammary glands based on the method of measuring the temperature gradient by isothermal three-dimensional computer modeling.

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It is easy to cure cancer, BUT only when the cancer is "caught" in the initial zero or first stage.Cancer. Myths.Cancer is surrounded by a huge number of myths, the main one of which is "cancer is a sentence". No, cancer is treated quickly and easily (on the scale of this disease) if metastases have not started. Metastases begin at the 2nd or 3rd stage, before which most people take several years, well, a year for sure.There is also a myth: "10 signs of cancer", "if you found THIS (whatever the author of the article came up with), you have cancer" and so on "why doctors are silent about a penny means of determining cancer ..." (the choice of means is also limited only by the imagination of the writer). In fact, there are NO signs of cancer in the early stages (zero or first). The only solution to cure cancer quickly is to recognize it at an early stage.THERE ARE NO SIGNS OF CANCER IN THE EARLY STAGESMyth: you can prevent cancer by drinking a spoonful of olive oil every day, by an exceptionally healthy lifestyle, positive thinking, etc. Unfortunately, there is no guaranteed protection yet. Our body regularly produces and safely destroys cancer cells. But for some reason, which is not yet clear what it depends on, cancer cells grow a kind of "shield" and phagocytes do not see the enemy. Cancer cells begin to multiply and so cancerous tumors appear. But, again, at an early stage they are not at all scary and not dangerous, they are treated quickly.And, as we believe, the most important myth: cancer is a terrible disease. Yes, scary – at the 2nd stage and above. But if this is the zero or first stage, the treatment is quick and painless. How long do you think a person will live if he does not treat angina? A month, two? Less than 100 years ago, this disease could take a person's life in a few days.A person can live with cancer for several years (!) and not treat it, because he does not even know about his disease. Only because it doesn't hurt. The main meanness of this disease is that even reaching the size of a few centimeters, even spreading metastases throughout the body, it does not bother the body so much that it gives pain signals.Every year, cancer takes the lives of a huge number of people, several million. And how many more people are fighting for their lives, receiving crippling treatment. We want to stop the march of this disaster on the planet by offering a ThermaTec complex for screening.To date, we have brought the screening method of breast cancer diagnosis to 100% accuracy – the second reason for the number of deaths of women in the world.We propose a new method of early detection of neoplasms (screening) in the mammary glands based on the method of measuring the temperature gradient by isothermal three-dimensional computer modeling. Simply put, the body's heat always goes from the inside out and if there is a neoplasm (malignant, benign or cyst) on its way, our method will fix it. This cannot be measured simply by measuring body temperature (as the thermograph suggests)Why are women recommended to have regular breast cancer examinations only after the age of 40 and only once a year? Only because today the main method of examination is mammography. X-ray in fact. The mammary gland of a woman under 40 years old is so dense that a mammograph will simply not see the neoplasm before.The DOT device (volumetric thermal diagraph), the size of a person's palm, is applied by a sensitive sensor to the skin of the breast in the holes and stores the temperature data obtained.Since we are not measuring the tumor itself, but the orthogonally directed heat flow, the tumor itself is smaller than it looks on our thermogram. A 6 mm tumor was found here. The doctor prescribed sodium selenite and a month later a decrease in the tumor was recorded. Further treatment is indicated. Since there are no contraindications to our diagnosis, you can take measurements at least every hour, not that a month.With the help of our method, you can detect a neoplasmmeasuring 2 millimeters at a depth of 5 cmWhat do we need funds for:1. Make artificial intelligence for screening. Thanks to the data accumulated over 15 years, we can distinguish cancer, fibroadenoma and fibrocystic mastopathy from each other. The diagnosis will be issued by a program that takes into account a lot of parameters, and not by a doctor.2. Now our masks are reusable. We want to make them disposable, while reducing the cost of screening as much as possible.

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