Verifam: Relapse Monitoring for Recovering Addicts

Verifam: Relapse Monitoring for Recovering Addicts

From Eric Michael

Funding to finish development of Verifam - a mobile app that monitors bank accounts to detect relapses for recovering addicts and notifies their designated support person (family member, sponsor, etc.)

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Short summary

My name is Eric, and I am actively involved in the recovery community based out of Carmel, Indiana. 

As many of you likely know, recovering from any addiction is often a lengthy and exceedingly difficult process. Relapses, i.e. retrogressing into our unhealthy behaviors and habits of the past, is a natural part of the recovery process. 

This campaign was conceptualized through my personal journey in living a healthy lifestyle and helping others recover from addiction. Sparing the details, I learned the hard way that the best possible thing to do for someone early in recovery is to be completely transparent and honest about mistakes and relapses. 

The Verifam (combination of "verify" and "family") mobile application is a low-cost subscription service which uses financial technology to monitor for red flag transactions and notify the addict's designated support person when they occur. 

Effectively it is a form of damage control for relapses. Due to the inherent transparency of the app, it also helps the addict rebuild trust with family and friends faster than they would have otherwise.

If you or someone in your life has addiction issues, you know that the potential damage caused by relapses can be severe. So why not repurpose existing technologies to mitigate those risks?

What we need & what you get

We need approximately $7,000 in funding to hire an experienced iOS developer to help finalize the implementation of the banking API in the app. Any leftover funds will be used to expedite the rest of the development of the app. 

If the goal is close but not met, I will supplement with my remaining personal funds to hire the iOS developer to finish this leg of the project. I have already spent 2 years learning Swift and have coded 70% or so of the app to date. We have a website that I put together in a weekend - this will be professionally updated after the 1st version of the app has been completed. 

For your contribution, you or any person you designate (via e-mail request at [email protected]) will have lifetime access to the service and never have to pay the subscription fee. For contributors giving $20 or more, Verifam will send you a merch t-shirt to celebrate the progress made by November. 

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