Vigilante International, LLC. ™

Vigilante International, LLC. ™

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Vigilante International, LLC. ™ is raising funds to expand our cause Nationally and Internationally.

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Welcome to Vigilante International, LLC. ™. As former Marine snipers we are now members of a self-appointed group of citizens, who in the midst of these uncertain times all over the world -- have decided to undertake law enforcement in our various communities in both the USA and overseas.

Unless you live under rock, we're sure that you're aware of all the civil unrest we are living -- as a result of anarchist groups calling for the abolition of pretty much everything as we know it; and frankly we're tired of all the fucking bullshit!

These assholes have had the run of our cities rioting and destroying property (Belonging To Law Abiding Citizens) long enough! We are now raising funds to restore law and order to our communities in the USA and other countries.

Let's be clear about our mission as vigilanties, we are NOT interested in shooting up a storm and taking lives left and right -- but unlike typical law enforcement agencies who unfortunately are inadequate in these uncertain times; due to having their hands tied by red tape and asshole politicians, we as vigilantes are NOT subject to neither red tape nor asshole politicians.

We can go into a riot and/or unruly situation, and at first we try to calm or diffuse things down using non violent means -- but the minute any of those assholes put their hands on any of our team members all bets are off and "nice" goes out the window and the individual(s) who tried to be all that WILL get the living fuck beaten out of them; and YES if lethal force is needed so be it!

Anyway, you get the idea -- so if you too are tired of all the bullshit going on and would like to help our cause; any amount you can donate to help grow our membership both here in our country and overseas will be greatly appreciate it.

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DOMESTIC VIOLENCE NOTICE: Ladies, if you are in a Domestic Violence situation and would like to get out -- there's NO reason for you to suffer in silence anymore. As mentioned above most of the times, law enforcement agencies have their hands tied no matter how much they want to help due to bullshit red tape and/or regulations; something that doesn't apply to us! So, when you're ready to get that mother fucker abuser out of your life for good -- contact us through our Twitter account above and we can guarantee to get that dick head out of your life for good either by nice means or NOT so nice means.

Apply For Your FFL Today, And With Each Application Approved You'll Get One Year Of NRA Firearms And Self Defense Training FREE:

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