Wagon For Kate and Baby#2

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Dear Families and Friends,

You’re always welcome to send the cash, check, visa or master card gifts offline to us as well.


As you may know, Jacob and I are expecting our second child in March, 2022, and we’re having another baby girl, name TBD.

You probably can imagine that we’re already starting the planning, budgeting and getting the essentials for her arrival.

One of the large ticket item that we really wanted for the family is a Veer wagon, they called it cruisers.

You can check out their website here:


It’s a wagon that fit 2 children's from infancy to toddlers, and we can see both our daughters grow in this wagon and enjoy adventures together: zoos, beach trips, hiking trails, snow rides, and more.

We actually have been eyeing this thing when Kate was born, yet we couldn’t justify the price at the time with only one child.

When we knew we will have a second child, this item is naturally back on our “TOP WISH” list.

With all the accessories needed to haling Kate and baby #2, the total price adds up just below $1000, and we’re here asking you to contribute only what you’re comfortable with, every dollar counts.

Any excessive funds will certainly used towards to baby #2’s essentials as well, diapers, bassinet, etc.

Happy holiday season and thank you!

Grace, Jacob, Kate, Baby #2, Stevy

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