Wait, What? Needs Your Help

Wait, What? Needs Your Help

From Jonathan Pelto

Help Support Advocacy Journalism, Help Create The Change We Need [w/checks mailed, almost 1/2 way - thanks]

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Dear Friends,

A little help would mean a lot.

For 18 months, Wait, What? has been digging into the stories that aren’t being covered by the media, but should be.  Through the blog I’ve been working to educate, persuade and mobilize our fellow citizens through "perceptive and acerbic" observations about Connecticut Government and Politics.

My work with this blog, and throughout my public career, has been guided by three overriding principles:

First, as a society, we are all better off when citizens have a better understanding of the challenges that confront us and the issues that surround the public policy making process;

Second, policymakers must be held accountable for their actions;

Third, as Democrats, we have an obligation to hold our own to the same or greater standard than we hold our opponents.  If we would speak out when a Republican took an inappropriate action, then we must speak out even louder if a Democrat acts in a similar way and works against our core values and goals.

For nearly four decades I’ve participated in Connecticut government and politics.  I’ve been on the inside, looking out and on the outside, looking in.

I understand the pressures, both real and imagined, that seek to undermine the values and principles of our elected officials. 

I have seen, first hand, how some officials seek to misuse their power for their own personal gain or use their authority to punish their political enemies.  The only antidote to the abuse of power is the light that shines in when the doors of government and politics are forced open.

Of course, despite their rhetoric, some politicians don’t like public attention or scrutiny. When it comes to creating the change we need and deserve, I fundamentally believe in the truth of Gandhi’s observation: “First they ignore you, then they ridicule you, then they fight you, and then you win.”

More than 27 years ago, as a young legislator, I saw how people reacted both inside and outside the capitol when some of us spoke out in favor of gay rights, against the death penalty or for a fair and equitable income tax structure.  I remember the ridicule when, as the legislator representing UConn, I spoke against legislative initiatives that raised the drinking age, but maintained an 18 year-old’s right to buy a gun, vote, or serve our nation’s military.

After my legislative years, I continued to witness, first hand, the way arrogant insiders sought to destroy those who would speak out for justice, fair policies and real change. 

In every situation, since the day I first took office back in January 1985, my fundamental orientation has always been the same.  Citizens have a right to know what is going on, policymakers must be held accountable for their actions and we, as Democrats, must hold our own to the same or an even greater standard than we hold our opponents.

The Wait, What? blog is a mechanism to further those goals. 

I am profoundly honored that my blog has received more than half a million visits and hits since it began, and I’m eager to continue to work on this important project and expand its reach and impact.

But I’ve also learned that to be successful, a project like this takes tremendous time, energy and resources.

I’ve used up the resources I have, and I’m turning to you - my friends and readers and fellow activists – to ask you for your help and support.

A contribution, donation or sponsorship in support of Wait, What? would be greatly appreciated and will help ensure that we continue our on-going effort to educate, persuade and mobilize people to speak out on the important issues and challenges that we face.

Whether the amount is large or small, I will be profoundly grateful for your help.

Thank you very much,

Jonathan Pelto

To support Wait, What – please go to http://fundly.com/wait-what-needs-your-help

PS:  The way this particular fundraising site works is that the names of donors are listed on the page after a contribution is made.  If you'd prefer not to have your name listed on the website’s “Fundraising Page” all you have to do is check the anonymous box on the “donation page.”  All the information will still come through to me, but your name will not show up in the “Pulse” section of the on-line fundraising page....  Regardless I will take the page down after the fundraising effort is over.

Alternatively, if you would prefer, donations can be made by check.  Simply send it to Wait, What?, c/o Jonathan Pelto, PO Box 400, Storrs, CT. 06268

Contributions are not tax-deductible, nor do they qualify as campaign donations.  They are simply donations or contributions toward the maintenance of Wait, What?  

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