Website Performance Issues

Website Performance Issues

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Is your website underperforming? Is it sluggish? What are the major things your website may be missing? From selecting the wrong keywords to traffic disappearing suddenly, several factors might prevent success. Below are the most typical reasons your website is sluggish or underperforming.


How To Tell



If your keyword ranks drop and fluctuate, you're in trouble. Keyword dipping is terrible and hard to fix. Your issue is either using the wrong keywords or applying them incorrectly. Poor keyword implementation will lower keyword ranks. Marketing is hard, but you need a specialist to cure a keyword ranks drop.


C Squared Social, a trustworthy full-service marketing firm, aims to assist you enhance keyword rankings and website performance by handling the behind-the-scenes concerns.



A drop in marketing seriousness and education may explain a major organic traffic fall. Your content, site, and product will be seen by fewer people if your marketing team isn't well-informed and understands what to do. Everyone concerned will struggle through this. If you're working hard to enhance your marketing but not seeing results, you may wish to hire a professional marketing firm.



Bad publicity and site security breaches are the most likely causes of an overnight traffic reduction. No matter how your site and marketing department are set up, you must be ready to find and address the cause of your traffic drop overnight. If you don't address it, you'll have to accept lower traffic and conversions. Your website's goal is to raise exposure and engagement, therefore this isn't the solution.


How To Fix It


A sluggish website usually has many unoptimized pictures. High-resolution images might use a lot of bandwidth. Uploading large photos and scaling them down might increase the size of your web page, slowing it down. This applies independent of your CMS and website builder.



Another common website speed issue is messy code. White spaces, inline stylings, empty new lines, and unnecessary comments may make your website stylesheet bigger.


Remove these unnecessary components to compress the code, reduce file size, and speed up page loading. Tracking rankings may boost your website's SEO.


Technically, this is "minifying." If you can't code, you can utilize internet tools to clean and minify CSS files. Websites provide these tools, or IT service companies may also help.



Display ads may boost your advertising statistics and monetize high-traffic websites. This should not degrade performance or user experience. Don't add too many ads to your website's slowness!  Filling your website with ads can increase HTTP requests and processing time, thus bogging down the traffic and deterring customers. Removing or Reducing these can clear up space for you website’s content, and make it more appealing to your clientele.




Your website may have slowed down or performed badly for a cause. You've read it might be many things. With everything else on your to-do list, you may not have time to learn how to address these difficulties.


C Square Social can optimize, modify strategy, enter keywords, and more! We work hard and achieve results. Our Blueprint technique gives each customer individualized and reliable attention.


Contact us anytime to discuss your needs and goals so our experts can customize a strategy. We await your reply so we can begin helping you achieve the website that will help you!


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