What Account Types are Available in Metadoro

What Account Types are Available in Metadoro

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Any company that provides trading services tries to diversify its opportunities and get the largest possible audience. They offer to create accounts with different conditions because each trader has his system within which he can pay attention to various aspects. For example, someone looks at costs and others are interested in the list of trading instruments. The Metadoro service offers its clients two main account types and we will discuss them below. They are available on the most popular trading platform — MetaTrader. Here you can find both a 4th version and a 5th one.

Metadoro Trading Account 

This type of account is universal and suits most clients. Metadoro does not distribute benefits to individual accounts as many other companies do. Clients can open a trading account, which is characterized by:

  • Low spread. For the most liquid EUR/USD pair it is from 0.1 points.

  • Commission from 0.004% per trade.

  • Low latency — up to 20ms.

Both beginners and advanced intraday traders can work on such an account. Metadoro provides very favorable conditions and you can see them during active trading. Let's consider a simple example — a client makes many transactions per trading day with small take profits of 10-15 points. If we take the standard spread in the industry, the costs, in this case, will be about 10 points.

In Metadoro, this indicator starts from 1 point. The exact value of the spread depends on the market situation and the daytime. The European and the first half of the American session are characterized by high liquidity, so the spreads are minimal. The commission for transactions is also one of the lowest, which is constantly emphasized in many Metadoro reviews. So we can say that such a trading account is relatively convenient with acceptable values ​​of critical indicators.

Metadoro Investment Account

It is the second of the main Metadoro accounts that investors prefer to work with. Not everyone is ready to engage in active trading for various reasons — no free time or lack of knowledge. Metadoro has created a separate account for such clients. The absence of leverage characterizes it. Accordingly, trading is carried out only with available money despite the margin's state affairs. 

Clients can collect all kinds of investment portfolios without unnecessary risks. Many Metadoro reviews list many trading instruments (more than 1000), allowing customers to diversify their portfolio by any criteria — from asset categories to regions. For example, you can buy European stocks and add US bonds to your portfolio, open positions in gold and so on.

Metadoro Reviews: Account Types

You will not find any references to the excessive complexity of the system in most of the articles or reviews devoted to the company and types of accounts. A client gets pretty favorable conditions if he wants to trade on his own. At the same time, it does not matter what type of trading is used because everything is equally convenient for everyone. The introduction of an investment account is a modern step that meets the needs of the financial community. Trading and investing are just part of the fintech ecosystem, which is gradually developing and offering more and more services.

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