Why Do Women Overwhelmingly Prefer Gold Plated Jewellery?

Why Do Women Overwhelmingly Prefer Gold Plated Jewellery?

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The 21st century has brought about multiple changes that have affected our way of lifestyle and buying habits.

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The 21st century has brought about multiple changes that have affected our way of lifestyle and buying habits. Previously, buying and wearing solid gold jewellery was seen as a mark of wealth. Nowadays, many are pivoting towards gold plated jewellery. This has made many ask- why? The reasons are simple.

Why Do Women Choose Gold Plated Ornaments?

Women choose gold-plated jewellery because these ornaments provide certain advantages over pure gold or gold filled accessories. Let us check them out:

1. Gold Plated Adornments Are Durable

In an era of decreasing buying power and economic instability, women want their accessories to glisten like sunbeams while also being sturdy. Pure 24K carat gold isn't heavy-duty. Instead, it's soft and pliable. As such, it has to be alloyed with another metal to decrease its malleability and improve its strength. Yet, it still remains an expensive option.

So people swivel towards gold plated jewellery. From delicate pearl encrusted gold plated ornaments to American diamond-embedded gold plated bracelets, you will find it all in a jewellery box. These accessories give women the freedom to wear them at various events without distressing over their jewellery getting warped or contorted due to a minor mishap.

2. Gold Plated Ornaments Are Inexpensive

As teased in the above point, the inexpensiveness of gold plated jewellery gives it an advantage over other costly metals. Low cost facilitates the purchase of such ornaments, and the lacklustre attention paid towards its upkeep and security ensures the continuation of this cycle.

This allows wearers and makers to experiment with various alloys, metals, and precious stones. Thus, leading to unprecedented numbers of gold plated designs. For example, gold plated ornaments encrusted with American diamonds, Austrian crystals, blue/ green cat-eye stones, pearls, enamel work, floral motifs, silver work, and more. The list is endless and this gives people the choice to buy an accessory that suits their pocket and style.

3. Gold Plated Ornaments Are Easily Accessible

Pure gold ornaments aren't easily obtainable. One has to personally arrive at prestigious, hallmarked, and specific jewellery shops to choose solid gold jewellery. As such, it's a hectic and laborious task to choose a trusted jewellery shop. After all, if one makes a mistake, they could get duped out of thousands in the name of genuine gold while actually only getting fool's gold.

The situation is quite different when purchasing gold plated jewellery. These substitute adornments are found in department stores, supermarkets, and online. As such, there's no need to set some time apart from one's daily life to set foot into a shop. All one has to do is head online and then click on the gold plated necklace embedded with American diamonds or Austrian crystals they like.

4. Gold Plated Accessories Are Stylish

As we mentioned in the beginning, the 21st century has brought about a change in our lifestyles. The definition of style and fashion is changing by the minute. However, one thing that has remained constant is the love of minimalism in this era. Gaudy and chunky jewellery has been replaced by thin and unostentatious ornaments that impose the statement of less is more.

While pure gold accessories certainly do offer a delectable collection for the eyes, it is gold plated jewellery that seems to be favoured and recommended by people. This is due to gold plated or even gold filled ornaments like gold plated earrings with white enamel work done having a subdued shine that makes the accessory look elegant and stylish but not garish. As a result, they amplify the wearer's outfits rather than taking attention off them.  

5. Gold Plated Adornments Look Like Real Gold

Gold plated jewellery ensures that the wearer enjoys a certain social status without investing much in it. After all, these gold plated accessories look just like real gold to the untrained eye. It is this leeway that allows even middle-income women to enjoy wearing sophisticated and luxurious jewellery that's almost indistinguishable from real gold ornaments for the unacquainted.

Gold plated jewellery is an inexpensive, durable, and stylish solution for almost every party or event. However, if you want your adornment to last long, keep it away from water and in an air-sealed bag when not in use. If you would much rather have new designs to add to your gold plated collection, then visit our website and take a look at what's on offer. 

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