Why Friday is a Blessed Day of the Week?

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In the Islamic religion, Friday is considered the holiest and most important day of the week. On this day, Muslims observe Fardh Namaz of two Rakat for Friday. In addition, pilgrims arriving in Haramain with their Cheapest Umrah Packages also take part in these congregational prayers in Makkah and Madinah.

Friday holds exceptional spiritual and religious significance for a variety of reasons. Here’s a brief description of them.

Jumu'ah (Friday) Prayer.

the first and foremost reason for the Friday as a blessed day of the week is that it is the day on which the Jumu'ah prayer is performed. The Jumu'ah prayer is Fardh on all the adult men in Islam. For women, it is not obligatory to take part in congregational prayer but advised to do so because it holds great significance.

The special sermon (also known as Khutbah) is also delivered to the Muslims gathered for the Jumma prayer and acts as a catalyst to remind every one of them of their actual reason for this worldly life. In addition, Friday is the time during which Muslims in a neighbourhood gather and socialize.

Creation of Adam.

In Islamic history, Hazrat Adam (AS) the first human and a prophet of Allah Almighty, was also created by Allah Almighty on a Friday and sent to earth. This historical event also adds a layer of sanctity for Friday because it marks the beginning of human creation in this world.

Surah Al-Jumu'ah.

In the Holy Quran, there is a complete chapter named after Friday i.e. Surah Al-Jumu'ah (The Day of Gathering). This Surah of the Holy Quran specifically addresses the concerns related to the importance of the Friday congregational prayer and that’s why it is advised to recite this surah excessively on this blessed day. The verses of Surah al Jumma highlight the significance of gathering on this blessed day for the collective worship of Allah Almighty.

Blessings and Duas.

Friday is a blessed day of the week because it is among those sacred days when duas made are widely accepted by Allah Almighty. That’s why Muslims are encouraged to increase their prayers, Dhikr, and Istighfaar on this day because it is a day of blessings and forgiveness from Allah Almighty. So, keep on making Dua whenever and as much as you can on Friday.

The Master of Days.

Holy Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (SAWW) narrated in a hadith that Friday is the "master of days" or the "best of days" of the week. Emphasizing its significance, he also said that it is the best day of the week on which the sun rises, thus, signifying its elevated status in Islam.

Gathering of Angels.

It is present in the Islamic scriptures that on the Day of Jumma i.e. Friday, angels stand at the entrances of mosques and record the names of Muslims entering the Friday prayer. In addition, these angles also listen to the Khutbah delivered just before this congregational prayer.

Preparing for the Hereafter.

Fridays act as a reminder for Muslims to keep themselves engaged in acts of worship, charity and righteousness for success in the hereafter because it is a day to seek forgiveness from Allah Almighty and strengthen their connection with God.

Community and Brotherhood.

Jumu'ah prayer offers the opportunity for the Muslim community living in the area to come together, take part in congregational worship as well and socialize with each other after the prayer. Therefore encouraging the bond of brotherhood, unity and belonging among them.

End of the Workweek.

For a lot of Muslim-majority countries, Friday marks the end of the work week instead of Sunday. Such as Saudia Arabia and other Middle Eastern countries. This allows individuals to not only attend the Jumu'ah prayer with comfort and peace but also spend most of the time of the day in Dhikr, worship, reflection, and community engagement.

So, these are some of the facts that make Friday a blessed day of the week. If you are travelling soon with September Umrah Packages remember to take part in the Friday congregational prayer in Haramain and increase the acts of worship and charity, especially on this sacred day. 

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