Why might a campaign be suspended, removed, or unable to be

Why might a campaign be suspended, removed, or unable to be

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Fundly often receives questions about decisions to suspend (and in some cases, re-activate) campaigns of an inflammatory nature. While extremely rare, there may be situations where a campaign violates our Terms of Use:

  • Fundly does not condone obscene, offensive, or indecent content or images on its sites or services. This includes cursing, name-calling, or making defamatory, threatening, or inflammatory remarks.
  • Fundly does not endorse the ideas or opinions of any one campaign. While many campaigns may be controversial, it is our policy to allow any campaigns that do not violate our terms of use.
  • Fundly does not allow users to post links to campaigns on competitors’ websites.
  • It is at Fundly’s sole discretion to decide whether or not a campaign meets our standards.

Campaigns may also be suspended or reviewed if they are suspected to be fraudulent or illegal in nature (for example, campaigns that were not approved by the person or family they claim to be fundraising for). Campaigns may be temporarily suspended during an investigation as we do our due diligence. In cases where Fundly suspends a campaign, we always reach out to the campaign owner to explain why.

Campaigns may also be removed at any time by their owners. Fundly does not control or take responsibility in these cases.

Contact us at [email protected]

Our team responds to customer requests every day to investigate and review campaigns. Our priority is always to reach out to campaign owners to discuss any questions or concerns around their campaign, let them know what pieces of the campaign are in violation of our Terms of Use, and what they need to do to correct violations. Campaign owners get 24 hours to make their changes. If changes are not made, campaigns are permanently disabled.

In most cases, the campaign owner retains any funds already raised and can view and withdraw the funds via Stripe even if their campaign is removed. Once a donation has been made, you must reach out to the campaign owner directly if you would like a refund.

When a fraudulent campaign is identified, Fundly will refund all donations collected (that have not been withdrawn by the owner) to those who have participated.

Once our team has investigated a campaign and reached out to the campaign owners, campaigns are often edited to meet our Terms of Use. In these cases, Fundly’s policy is to let campaigns continue.

To those who have offered words of support to our staff, our team says a huge thank you for understanding the difficult decisions we’re often required to make. We thank all Fundly users for extending each other a measure of patience, tolerance, and grace as we navigate these difficult times together.

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