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The rise of live streaming, combined with the growing popularity and broad appeal of video games, has given charities a great new way to raise money: gaming fundraisers. White label casino platforms can provide the best fundraiser events for organizations to raise money for a good cause, as in the example linked below:  https://www.soft2bet.com/news/soft2bet-partners-with-tcs-to-promote-white-label-casino-solution.Gamers raise money for charity by live streaming themselves and playing video games at these events. This is an exciting new way to raise money. This method is becoming increasingly popular, so anyone with the right recording equipment and a stack of video games can start raising money for a good cause.Gaming fundraisers, especially ones with live streaming, can be an excellent way for nonprofits to raise money, no matter their mission.  These fundraisers have proven to be good at getting people to give money. Some of them raise millions of dollars each year for big charities.If you want to run or help run a gaming fundraiser for a charity, you could reach out to local gaming communities or look for gaming events in your area. 

How do these fundraisings work?

Fundraisers that involve gaming, especially the ones involving white label casinos can raise money for good causes. Last year, GuardianCon raised a staggering $3.7 million in one weekend for St. Jude's. Other gaming-related charity events have raised similar large amounts of money.GuardianCon, GDQ has a large audience, just like a white label casino, because its live streams are fun to watch. They try to get people to donate during the streaming by shouting out donations and showing on-screen trackers, goals they want to achieve, and incentives such as raffles.Many events like GDQ start small, raising a few hundred or a few thousand dollars and drawing a small crowd. But after a few years, they can get many fans willing to pay a lot of money to keep the games going and help a good cause.So, the idea may seem a little strange, but it has been shown to have surprising appeal and staying power, and it works to get a lot of money donated.Even if your charity's mission has nothing to do with video games, successful fundraisers have shown that this doesn't affect how well a gaming fundraiser works. 

Ways to Take Part

Gaming fundraisers often rely heavily on existing social networks; your nonprofit should know the best ways to do peer-to-peer fundraising. If you plan on asking people to donate online, especially if you're streaming a live event, then you need to have a method set up to accept payments online.You could also work with your employees. There must be people working for your organization who are very interested in playing video games. In that case, they might be more than willing to organize or participate in a gaming-themed fundraising event.

Plan for your event to begin on a small scale. GuardianCon, for example, raised over $500,000 in its first year, but this is by no means the norm or a guarantee. Your nonprofit's gaming event will likely need to be held for several years before it gains traction. However, do note that raising funds through a white label casino is definitely a profitable idea because of the popularity of online gaming.

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