Why People Prefer Online Slots Over Roulette

Why People Prefer Online Slots Over Roulette

From Alex Roy

Roulette and slots have a rich history and are still popular today. These games can be found on all online casinos and there are now many variations of both, but slots are the clear winners in the popularity stakes.

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Roulette and slots have a rich history and are still popular today. These games can be found on all online casinos and there are now many variations of both, but slots are the clear winners in the popularity stakes.

The History Of Roulette

The history of Roulette is quite an elusive one to put together. It is thought that a French mathematician by the name of Blaise Pascal invented Roulette in the 17th century, whilst he was busy trying to invent the perpetual motion machine. However, it is thought that Roulette, in some shape or form predates even the 17th century.

Ancient China is the first port of call when trying to piece together these early forms of Roulette. Many people believe that Roulette is actually based on a Chinese board game that contained 37 animal figures that needed to be arranged within a square containing numbers that added up to 666. Dominican Monks unearthed this treasure and introduced it into Europe.

According to myth the Monks adjusted the game and made modifications to it to fit their own needs, but whether or not this is true or even formed the basis of Roulette, remains uncertain.

Other long shots include Greek soldiers, spinning shields that had symbols drawn on them and betting on the outcome of the spin and which symbol would stop by an arrowhead, strategically placed by the shield. These early attempts use the same basics of Roulette but after all, that travelling back in time, we have to revisit 17th century France again for the closet to what we know Roulette to be now.

Roulette just from its name is French in origin. The design, however, is influenced by two popular 17th-century games called Roly Poly and Even-Odd. Both of these involved spinning a wheel and betting on the outcome of each spin. Blaise Pascal loved to gamble and undoubtedly experienced the thrills of these two games and was highly influenced by them.

Gambling was illegal in many European countries until the 18th century when strict gambling laws were introduced. Prince Charles Of Monaco opened several gambling houses and Roulette was on the menu and became popular among the aristocracy.

In fact, this Roulette was nearly the finished article and almost identical to what we play now, apart from zero and double zero pockets. In France in 1842, this was removed by Francois and Louis Blanc leaving one zero pockets and European Roulette was born. Having one zero slots instead of two was thought to decrease the casino’s edge over the punters and this help the game flourish.

Roulette eventually made it over the pond and landed in Louisiana in the early 19th century, but American casino owners re-introduced the original zero format to give the house more of an edge, this became known as American Roulette. 

This game continued to flourish and eventually moved online with the introduction of the first online casino back in 1996. It is still in land-based casinos too and there are many variants on the original game to choose from.

However its popularity is being squeezed by the many new games on offer to the gambling public on virtual platforms. These can accommodate hundreds of different games that can all be accessed with a click of a computer keyboard. They include slots that have developed leaps and bounds in recent times.

The History Of Slots

It all started when a mechanic named Charles Fey invented the first-ever slot machine back in 1895.  This early effort had three spinning reels that contained 5 symbols that included horseshoes, diamonds, spades, hearts and a Liberty Bell.

It was the inclusion of this symbol that influenced the name of this first-ever slot that was eventually given the title of Mills Liberty Bell. The bell was the highest valued symbol and getting three in a row produced the biggest win of 10 nickels.

In 1891 New Yorkers Sittman and Pitt developed a gambling machine that used 5 drums. This held a total of 50 card faces and is probably one of the earliest efforts to mimic the slots that we have today.

In 1907 a slot called Operator Bell that focused on fruit symbols hit the country. It also proved highly popular and was introduced into saloons and barber’s shops.  In 1910 The Mills Novelty Company released its own machine but with a new Bar Symbol added to the reels.

The major technological breakthrough that changed the world of slots came with the first electrical slot machine that was called Money Honey. This was introduced to the public back in 1963.

In 1976 the first video slot was invented, this was the first time the slot machine had moved away from its mechanical predecessors. This machine used a modified 19-inch Sony TV screen for the display. These slots were accompanied by new symbols such as Stars, Crowns, 777 and Gems.

In 1996 two events changed gambling forever, one was the invention of online video slots and the other was the introduction of the first-ever online casino on the internet. 

Video Slots Conquer The World

Video slots eventually became the biggest draw of online casinos eclipsing the popularity of all other forms of casino entertainment including Roulette. The reasons are simple, online slots offer far more variety in gameplay and some are linked to popular culture such as cartoons, from people’s childhoods. Therefore punters get a dose of nostalgia whilst spinning the reels.

Roulette can seem quite tedious in comparison when you think of all the themed slots out there and the amounts you can win. Add in all the intricate bonuses and special features that they all come with and the sheer entertainment they offer is light-years ahead of Roulette.

Final Thoughts

Roulette and slot games have interesting pasts but slots are the real winner's thanks to technology. They offer more thrills than a Roulette wheel could ever offer and the variety of slots makes them more interesting and fun to play.

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