Wife Caring for Husband Without Help

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over one year ago my father went into the hospital for a routine procedure. My mother was by his side during this entire time . The procedure was unsuccessful three times attempted. During each time he was under anesthesia all within under 2 weeks. To be fully transparent, this is my father as well. Being under the anesthesia in such a short time at his age, unfortunately damaged some vascular vessels in his brain causing dementia. Not only is the dementia an issue but because of the hospital stay and long wait times and lack of staffing, he's now bedridden. All his muscles have atrophied. Fast forward to today, he's still bedridden and his wife on her own, is caring for him entirely. Because of our mediocre and subpar medical system, the care and aid he needs is not available. So she's caring for him 100% on her own. From his mobility and having to move him, changing him, daily exercise routines and keeping his metal state aligned. Now and then she is able to afford a personal Physical Therapist come in to fully stand him up and get the blooded going. From the lack of care from the hospitals and even the rehab facilities he had sepsis twice. He also has a stage 3 wound on his back that his wife has to clean and dress daily. There is no medical funding that will pay for nurse or an aid to come in that is equipped to handle this. Not to mention that he's also type 1 diabetic.  So all of this combined she feels alone and trapped. Typically I would not use a site like this asking for assistance. But seeing her dwindle away I had no other choice.  We have no image to upload. Unfortunately. I deleted everything just to not have to look back at the past year . If someone requires something, I can't post it or I can send it to somebody directly and take a photo . So I thank you. 

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